Tips to avoid disadvantages of technology

Tips to avoid disadvantages of technology

Technology has progressed too much during this decade, no one can live without using latest products. Latest technology has completely changed the lives of human being but despite the countless advantages of technology, it has also some disadvantages. If you will not use many products or tools with properly then your health will be affected. You need to be very careful regarding your health and should follow safety tips to remain healthy. Here I will write some advices which are helpful to avoid stress and keep you away from the disadvantages of latest technology. Read these tips to avoid disadvantages of technology.

Do not add or follow unknown people at social media

If you will use social media to connect with your family and friends then you will be happy when you will see their uploaded pictures or posts but if you have added or followed unknown people it can give you stress because may be they will upload the stuff you do not like. Moreover it is not good idea to consume your valued time while reading posts from unknown people. Adding or following unknown persons is also not good for your security and safety.

Avoid excessive use of mobile, computer or TV

The good is that you should assign some time for using mobiles, computer or TV except for your business work. The rays of electric devices are not good for human health and during your office hours you are using mobiles and computers as it is required. So if after working hours you will continue to make yourself busy with computers, TV or mobiles then your health will be affected badly. So you need to assign time for these activities. If during your work you have to stay in front of computer then also it is advised to go out for 5 to 10 minutes after every two, three hours to get fresh air.

Keep your devices and antivirus updated

If you want that your phone, tablet, laptop or computer should function properly then keep on the software or application updates which will keep your device up to date and also always update your antivirus. The updated devices with updated version of antivirus have less chances of virus attacks as compared to not updated device.

Good Screen for Reading

If you have to read a long story, long email or long quotations or proposals then avoid to read it at small mobile screen. Good habit is to read it at laptop, computer or tab instead of small screens of mobile. Your eyesight will be affected if you read large stories on small mobile screens on daily basis.

Change password frequently

You should keep your password strong and different for different devices and websites. To avoid password theft or hacking you should change your password at least after every six months on all your social media accounts or on your devices.

Do not share your login information

You should not share your passwords or user names of your social media account with anyone. Sometimes people share their user names and passwords with others to get help in some matters which is not a good habit at all. Your user name and password can be used for illegal purposes without your knowledge.

Do not share or react to fake news

People are sharing fake news on social media against their opponents or to fulfill their tasks. You should not share or react to anything without confirmation.

Do not abuse

Never abuse anyone at social media as your many friends and family members are watching and reading your posts. If you abuse someone then your reputation will be badly affected between your family and friends.

Never sell your personal mobile, tab, laptop or computer

You should not sell your personal mobile phone, tab, laptop or computer without completely deleting your data from the hard disks. If you are not sure that your data is deleted or you have doubt that new user who bought your device can get back your deleted data with some tools then do not sell your device. Instead of selling you can give your device to someone within your family.


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