Some Common Things Between Indian And Pakistani People

Some common things between Indian and Pakistani People

India and Pakistan were same country before August 14, 1947. They were divided in two parts, the areas with Muslim majority were included in Pakistan and the areas with Hindu majority were included in India. Later in 1971 one part of Pakistan separated from Pakistan and become a new country (Bangladesh). Jammu and Kashmir is still a disputed territory between them and both countries have fought many wars over this issue.

The relations of both countries are not very good, politicians of both countries are always bashing each other’s and every time there is a fear of war between these two Atomic Powers.

Despite the fact that both countries are very far from true friendship, People of these two countries (India and Pakistan) have many common things, here we will discuss some of them.

Joint Family System

In India and Pakistan people are staying in a joint family system. Now the trend is little bit changing in cities of both countries but most of the people are still living in joint family. People of both countries prefer to stay with family rather than separately.

Relatives and Guest

Relatives and guests are always coming without any schedule or invitation and are treated with respect and honor.

Not following traffic rules

People of both countries do not bother themselves to follow traffic rules, like to stop at red signals or wearing helmet while driving bike.


Cricket is very popular in both countries, when their team will win they will celebrate more than it should be but if their team lost they start abusing them and will protest against the players. They will start saying that our team has fixed the match otherwise they could win.

Get free with each other in no time

If two person who never met before and don’t know each others are traveling together in a public transport they will become free with each other in no time and ask even family questions during the journey.

Saying Goodbye

When a guest or relative is leaving the whole family come outside to say him goodbye and if anyone is going abroad may be half of village will go the airport or station to say goodbye to him.

Similar Dresses

People of both countries are wearing almost same dresses like Shalwar Qameez, Saree, and Paints Shirts.


First try of educated people from both countries will be to get a government job not to serve the country but to enjoy the easy routine of government jobs, vacations, holidays and other facilities. In both countries government officers or politicians support and favor their relatives and supporters to get jobs and disregard the merit.

Many people from Indian and Pakistan are working in Middle East (Saudi Arabic, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain) to earn livelihood and many people of these two countries are in Europe or America for work visa or residence.

People of both countries are always wishing and trying to go to Europe, America, Canada or Australia. If you will go any country of the world you will definitely find some Indian and Pakistanis residing there.


People of both countries are abusing their politicians but in elections they are electing same politicians again and again.


Politicians of both countries have allegations of corruption. They speak lies with public to get votes.

Mobile Phones

People of India and Pakistan have more mobile phone as compared to other facilities. Some people keep two or three sets of mobile phone simultaneously.

Free Time

In this busy life people of both countries have free time and they are always available to watch any cricket match or join any political gathering.

Spreading Fake News

People of both countries are spreading fake news over WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or other social media mediums without confirming the news or without knowing the impacts of these news on society.

Electronic Media

Electronic media of both countries is popular to create hysteria for any topic or news.

Lack of basic necessities of life

In both countries there is shortage of basic necessities of life for poor people.


Food of both countries is almost, people like same types of food. Indian Hyderabadi Biryani is very popular in Pakistani people and Pakistani Multani Halwa is very popular in Indian People.

Women rights.

People of both countries love their women but not giving them their rights.

PIA and Indian Air

Government Airlines of both countries are not serving passengers properly.

Blockage of road due to VVIP movements.

Everyday roads are being blocked in both countries for VVIP movements. Common people are suffering badly by VVIP movements.

Fights in Talk Shows

Politicians or media anchors of both countries are fighting on National Television while discussing any type.