How can i reduce weight

How can I reduce weight is a very frequent question in the Internet.

Unfortunately there are many myths in the society of India and Pakistan regarding weight loss, there are many advises on the internet. There is no guarantee that by following any special technique you can reduce your weight but some technique are very useful in order to avoid weight gain or to reduce weight gradually.

Being active and reduce weight

Little exercise or being active in daily routine work helps to burn calories and also provides many health benefits. Exercise is the main factor to lose weight. Without exercise you cannot lose weight. It also keep you fresh and healthy.

Drink lot of water

Drink lot of water during day and night. There is no limit drink whatever amount of water you can drink easily during 24 hours. It will clear your stomach and you will feel healthy and fit by drinking lot of water. Stomach disease ratio becomes very low if you drink lot of water. It will help to absorb hard food and will keep you strong and healthy. Don’t drink water for at least half an hour after your lunch or dinner. You should drink water just before starting your lunch or dinner and then in the middle of your lunch or dinner.

Eat Healthy Food

Eat normal food when you are hungry. If you are very hungry and want to eat any available thing but you avoid eating the food which can cause fat then you are on the right track of making you healthy. Just wait for the delivery of normal food and eat it like daily routine do not rush towards food shops to eat unhealthy food to make your stomach calm.

Avoid Junk food

Try to avoid junk foods like biscuits, chocolates, cakes, bakery items, also avoid drinking soft drinks.

Never Miss your Breakfast

Do not miss your breakfast, it is the first meal of the day and by avoiding it you are in danger to become unhealthy.

Vegetables and Fruits

Instead of eating too much chicken or beef or mutton tries to eat vegetable and fruits more frequently. Make a plane when you will eat vegetables when you will eat fruits and also when you will take dinner and when you will take lunch and when you will do your breakfast.

Do not be full

Eat less than you need. Just make three portions of your stomach in imagination. One portion for your food, one portion for your water and one portion for the air. Do not eat with full stomach, stop eating before getting full and never eat after becoming full in any case. Sometimes your stomach is full but you continue eating because some food is still remaining in your plate so you just want to finish it because it will be useless if you will not eat. But that time you are doing wrong with your health you should stop eating and take that extra food and thru it at your rooftop and let birds eat it.

Cut down on Tea or Coffee

Excessive tea and coffee is not good for health. Also it will make you fatty so just cut down in your routine like if you are drinking five cups of coffee or tea daily just cut it to four than after one month cut it to three and so on.

Avoid Smoking and reduce weight

Do not smoke, it is not good for your health and can also increase your weight.

Do not drink

Drinking alcohol can also increase your weight by banning alcohol you can reduced your weight.