Popularity of cricket in India and Pakistan

Popularity of cricket in India and Pakistan

Have you ever think why cricket is popular in only ten countries out of around 200 countries of the world? And do you know the reasons of popularity of cricket in India and Pakistan?

If you think a little you will understand the real reason behind it. Cricket was invented by British people, they start playing cricket in UK as still cricket is the national sport of England.

Australia, New Zeeland, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and all states of Wes Indies were British colonies before their independence. When British people and British Army personnel starts playing cricket local people of these countries were impressed by this game. As they were slave of British so they think that this game is very good as their rulers are playing it.

Some people starts playing this game to keep their bosses happy and some play this game to show them that they are talented and can play it. There were many other British colonies in Europe and other parts of the world. But they did not give importance to this game as other games like Football and Hockey were already very popular games there. Cricket looks time consuming game for them.

At that time there were no ODI or T20 matches, only test cricket was played during that time which consists of five days and even sometime after five days there is no win or loss for any time.

Countries like, Australia, New Zeeland, South Africa, West Indies are also playing other games and have good reputation in Olympics or Football or other sport but India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have very less participation on other games like Olympics and almost zero participation in Football.

The main focus of South Asian countries specially Indian and Pakistan is cricket. Indian and Pakistan never qualified for Football world cup and have very bad record in all Olympics, their participation in Olympic Games is very less. These two countries were good in Hockey twenty years before but now Hockey is losing popularity. Now the only popular game is cricket in India and Pakistan, people are mad for this sport.

If you ask any child from Indian or Pakistan that what is your favorite sport his answer will be cricket. People of India and Pakistan have great affection towards cricket. Stadium are always full with audience for all type matches, tickets sold out many days prior to match. Like Football is popular all over the world and fans of Football are very crazy for this sport, cricket has same popularity in India and Pakistan. Fans of cricket in India and Pakistan can do anything for this sport.

Especially if the match is between India and Pakistan then the winning team will get immense congratulation from its fans. Players will receive many gifts from organizations and individuals but the losing side will have to face huge criticism from media and fans. Fans protests against players and wants them to be punished for just losing a game. Match between India and Pakistan is considered war rather than a game by people of both countries.

Cricket is being played in schools, colleges, universities, streets, villages and everywhere in India and Pakistan. It is equally popular among children, adults and old citizen of these two countries.

Cricket is not a popular game in Middle East like UAE or Saudi Arabia. As many Indian and Pakistani people are residing in these two countries so they are playing crickets during weekends and free times in these two countries as well. In UAE cricket is getting immense popularity just because of the interest of their government, Pakistani and Indian people.

Cricket is popular game for people of these two countries whether they are staying in India, Pakistan or any other country of the world. People have craze of cricket in Pakistan and India.

It is very good sign that this game has many crazy fans and hug popularity in India and Pakistan. But it’s negative impact is that other sports are dying day by day in these two countries.