Pakistani Women Dresses Fashion

Pakistani Women Dresses Fashion

Here we will discuss some popular Pakistani women dresses fashion that Pakistani women are wearing.

Traditional Shalwar Qameez

The most popular dress in Pakistani women is Shalwar Qameez (Trousers and Shirts), it is equally popular in India as well. There are many different types of Shalwar Qameez Dresses are available in Market. Many styles are available like long shirts and short trousers, loose trousers and short shirts, very loose shirts and tight trousers.

With Shalwar (Trouser) and Qameez (Shirt) women’s are wearing Dupatas or Scarfs to protect head. In winter Scarfs is mostly used as compared to Dupata to protect from cold. It is very helpful to protect your hairs, ears and nose from dust or sand. Scarf is being used in Pakistan as a Hijab an alternate of Burkha. Besides religious boundaries many women in Pakistan, India and all over the world are wearing Scarf as fashion. There are many colors of Scarf are popular among women of all ages like white, black, blue, green, brown even red.

The color of Shalwar, Qameez and Dopata can be in matching combination (all in same color) or it can be in contrast (Shalwar has different color, Qameez has different color and Scarf or Dopata has different color).

Abaya or Gown

Abaya is Arabic dress in Pakistan it is known as Gown, it is very popular in middle class working women. Most girls and women from conservative or religious families wear Abaya when they go to the market. University girls, female school teachers, female college lecturers, female college girls and women of all ages working in government or private companies preferred to wear Abaya to protect their bodies from male coworkers as it is religious and cultural tradition.

In Muslim countries most Muslim ladies are not going outside without wearing Abaya whether they are going for shopping malls, grocery shops, schools, offices they must have to wear Abaya to go out. In Pakistan there is no restriction on cloths but most ladies feel comfortable in Abaya or Shalwar Qameez as compared to western dress.
The most popular color of Abaya is black but many women especially young girls are wearing different colors and well-designed Abayas.

Western Paint Shirt

It is not a popular dress in Pakistan but very few women from high society are wearing Paint Shirts. In recent years Western paint shirt is becoming popular in college and universities girls of big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The trend of wearing imported Paint Shirts is increasing day by day. Before in Pakistani Dramas and Films females were not wearing Paint shirts but now a days in every Drama Serial or Movie, girls are wearing Paints Shirt or western dresses which is changing the trend in the society and western dresses are gaining popularity in recent periods of times.

Saree / Sari

It is the most popular dress in India but also popular in Pakistan and Bangladesh. In new generation of Pakistan Sari is gaining popularity due to Indian TV shows because in Indian TV shows women are wearing Saree. Saree is very pretty dress and it is fashions of subcontinent since many decades.




Traditional Afghani Burkha

It is little similar to Abaya but in this Burkha women are hiding whole body, head and face with cloth. There are some holes around eyes area to look while walking. This is Afghani or Pashtun Tradition to wear such type of Burkha. It is very popular dress in Afghanistan and as well as in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistani (KPK) and Qbayeli agencies like Khyber, Fata, North Waziristan and South Waziristan. Women are safer from men eyes in this dress as compared to any other dress in the world.

Kashmiri Shawl

This is very popular in whole South Asia including Pakistan. It is like Dupatta but it is big in size and mostly used in winter season. Kashmiri Shawl is getting popularity all over the world like Kashmir Tea.


Written by Zubia Nosheen