Pakistani TV Dramas

Pakistani TV Dramas

Here is the list of some of top Pakistani TV dramas.

Dhoop Kinare

The theme of drama is a focus on doctors in a hospital in Karachi Pakistan, it covers the routines of doctors in the hospital and their private lives at home. The main character was Rahat Kazmi and Marina Khan. It was super hit drama of Pakistan.

Dusri Bivi

It was on aired on ARY digital on 2014 December. Its theme was great as it describes the social issues and internal problems of people in their homes and offices. Leading roles were performed by Fahad Mustafa, Hareem Farooq and Maha Warsi. The drama was very popular among the audience.

Ainak Wala Jin

It was on aired in 1993 by PTV then it was again on aired two more times due to its immense popularity. It was very popular among children due to its fictional story line. This play was equally popular among three generations of today’s time. The children, their parents and their elders enjoyed it together in the past.

Angar Wadi

It was very popular in Kashmiri people because it covers the real problem of Kashmir. It was written, directed and produced by the great Rauf Khalid who is no more among us, he has been died in a road accident. He also wrote other popular dramas like Laag which also describes and highlights the situation in Kashmir.


This popular drama was on aired on Pakistan Television Network in 2000. Ansoo was written by great drama writer Haseena Moin. The serial was shot in Pakistan, Scotland and Ireland. It was first serial of Pakistan that was filmed completely on a digital camera. This drama was very popular among young people because of its romantic story line and beautiful locations. The title song of this drama ‘ Tanha Tanha Jeevan K’ got the immense popularity in young generation of that era.

Alpha Bravo Charlie

It was an actions thriller produced by ISPR and directed by Shoib Mansoor. It was on aired on PTV in May 1998. The drama involves romance and comedy but it was actually reflecting the Pakistan Army’s operational activities. The drama was based on three characters Faraz, Kashif and Gulsher known as Alpha, Bravo and Charlie respectively. They were friends and very passionate to start their careers in the Pakalismistan Army.


It was originally aired on PTV in 1994, it was based on a story of five friends, who take the challenge to fight against the terrorists and drugs smugglers and want to bring the positive change in the society.

The main characters were Ashir Azeem, Nabeel, Asal Din Khan, Wajid Ali Shah and Zubair Khan. Other characters were Nazli Nasr, Nayyar Ejaz, Rija Amir, Rauf Bhatti, Fayyaz Ahmed Parwana and Azra Aftab.


It was written by Amjad Islam Amjad and directed by Ghazanfer Ali and Nusrat Thakur; the drama was on aired in 1979 and was again on aired in early 90s. It describes feudalism in the society and politics of Pakistan.

Khuda Ki Basti

Khuda ki Basti is very old serial produced by Pakistan Television and first it was on aired in 1969 and then in 1974. It was based on Novel Khuda Ki Basti. This serial is known as one of the oldest and greatest dramas in the history of Pakistan television.


It was directed by Mahreen Jabbar and written by Umera Ahmed, main characters were Adeel Hussain Sanam Baloch, Amina Sheikh and Sanam Saeed. It was based on a nice story of friendship and loss.


It was written by Umera Ahmed and directed by Haissam Hussain, main characters were Michael Zulfikar, Sanam Baloch, Samina Peerzada, Umer Naru, Nadia Jamil and Nauman Ejaz.

It was very well written and based on story of helpless woman, marriages in the society and modern demands.

Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan

This was again written by the great writer Umera Ahmed and brilliantly performed at the screen by Samiya Mumtaz and Faysal Qureshi. It was a great milestone in the history of Pakistani Television. The story was like by all types of people in the society.

Pyaray Afzal

It was the most popular drama serial of the current era. It was written by Khalil-Ur-Rehman Qamar and directed by Nadeem Baig. Nicely performed by Hamza Ali Abbasi, Aiza Khan, Sana Javed, Firdous Jamal, Soha Ali Abro, Anoushay Abbasi, Saba Hameed and Umer Naru. Hamza Ali Abbasi got immense popularity all over the country after this drama.

These are just few dramas of Pakistan. The drama industry of Pakistan is still producing beautiful dramas. Now there are many private TV channels, the young actors and actresses are also very talented and producing nice serials for the people. Many actors and actresses of Pakistan drama industry got chances in Indian Film Industry (Bollywood) due to their popularity, beauty and acting skills. Pakistani drama actors like Fawad Khan, Imran Abbas and Adnan Siddique done films in Bollywood. Actresses like Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar and few more have also done Indian movies.