Pakistani Ladies Cloths During Winter

Pakistani ladies cloths during winter

Normally winter is not as tough in Pakistani as it is in Europe or Canada or America. But in some areas is very cold during winter and in some areas like Muree, Azad Kashmir, Nothern Areas of Pakistan winter season is very large and very tough. In northern areas heavy snow is falling from October to April. You could not wear normal summer cloths during winter. Here we will discuss Pakistani ladies cloths during winter season.

Bridle Dresses during winter

Bridal dresses for winter season are same as summer season like bridal shararas, bridal gown, and bridal lehngas. But they should be made off with warm and high quality fabrics for winter season due to low temperature.

Shalwar Qameez

Shalwar Qameez is the most popular dress in women of Pakistan whether is summer season or winter or whatever. Different types of shalwar qameez dresses are included in the fashion of Pakistani women. But during winter the style is little different as you need warm cloth to make shalwar qameez and instead of half sleeves it should be full sleeve to avoid cold air. There should be long dupatta or shawl with shalwar qameez instead of small types of dupattas being used during summer.


This cloth is warm like blanket. With this cloth many designs of dresses can be made. Women are preferring it because it is warmer than any other cloth. If you are wearing wool you do not need to wear sweater or jacket. Dresses of wool cloth are enough to protect you from cold.


It is also very warm but more attractive. Its colors are bright, shining and beautiful, it is very popular in young girls during winter. All types of design can be made by this cloth.


It is hand made by women of Pakistan by using threads. Shirt and trousers of Jarsi are very popular in young girls. Sweaters made of Jarsi are also very popular.

Pajama with log shirt

It is popular in young girls because long shirts are helpful to avoid cold air. But stuff should be warm not like summer season. In every season different types of stuffs are available in market, it is up to the customer whether she want to purchase the warm cloth to avoid cold or purchase normal cloth and then have to purchase extra sweater or jacket.

Kapri with Kurta

Warm Kapri with Kurta is also popular in young girls. If Kapri is warm then it is good to remain safe from cold.

Apart from above mentioned dresses during winter women are preferring to wear jackets, sweaters and wearing warm shawls to keep themselves away from danger of sickness due to low temperature.


Written by Zubia Nosheen


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