Most beautiful city of Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Rawalakot: The Most beautiful city of Azad Jammu and Kashmir

The most beautiful city of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Rawalakot is the capital of Poonch Division of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, it is known for its great historical background and natural beauty. Due to its unique beauty and beautiful flowers in spring and summer season it is also known as Pear Valley.

Towns and Villages

The nearest surrounded towns and villages of Rawalakot are:

  • Khaigala
  • Dhamni
  • Chak Char
  • Draik
  • Chappe ni tar
  • Shamsabad
  • Kharick
  • Muttiyal Mara,
  • Soon Topa
  • Lunjgran
  • Mang Thorar
  • Rihara
  • Titri Note
  • Parat
  • Pothi Bala
  • Mujahid Abad
  • Hurnamera
  • Chapri
  • Ternoti
  • Mattay na Kot
  • Baireen
  • Datot Pachiot
  • Laghriat
  • Tayen
  • Timrota
  • Jandala
  • Bangoin
  • Chiroti
  • Paniola
  • Banakha
  • Ziarat
  • Parati
  • Bagiana
  • Sanadi
  • Pakgali
  • Kallar
  • Jheri
  • Kayat
  • Mohri Furman Shah
  • Shujabad and many more.

Tourists Points

Rawalakot is more than 5000 feet high from the sea level and about 120KM away from Islamabad and Pakistan. Rawalakot has many charming places for tourists for visit; some of them are as under:

  • Banjosa Lake
  • Tolipeer
  • Baireen Pachiot
  • Gurdwara Dhamni
  • Draik
  • Paniola
  • Chota Gala
  • Hussain Kot

Main Roads

By road, it took around three hours to reach Rawalpindi / Islamabad from Rawalakot. Rawalakot has several roads connecting it with capital of Pakistan (Islamabad) which includes Ghazi-e-Millat road (knon as Goi Nala road). It is the shortest path from Rawalakot to Rawalpindi Islamabad but the road is very dangerous for driving. Other short routes towards Islamabad are Rawalakot to Islambad thru Tain Dhalkot Road and Rawalakot to Islamabad thru Kuhala Muree Road.

Other main roads of Rawalakot are Rawalakot Muzaffarabad Road, Rawalakot Bagh Road, Rawalakot Hajira Road, Rawalakot Mang Road, Rawalakot Plandri Road etc.

Rawalakot has no railway track; the Airport is non-operational, as there is no demand for the air service provided by Pakistan International Airlines. The airport has been closed since 1998. However, there are plans to restart it soon.

Due to the negligence of governments, condition of roads is not as good as it should be. All governments of Azad Jammu & Kashmir shown very less interest in the development of Rawalakot or other AJ&K cities. Government and political parties are distributing budget to their supporters in shape of some useless projects because they have no strategy to improve people’s way of life.

People of Rawalakot are well educated and can compete with anyone in the world in their respective fields but when it comes to vote in elections they give priority to money instead of education.


Rawalakot has one big combined military hospital (CMH) which has a beautiful new building. It is managed very well by the management. It has very latest machinery and equipment but unfortunately local doctors and staff members are very rude with patients. Doctors are not professional, not cooperative with patients and not regular towards their duties and responsibilities.

The District Hospital is not functional and medicines are always not available. Except CMH no other government hospital is functional, poor people face big trouble in order to get quality treatment. That who has money can run towards Islamabad or Rawalpindi for quality treatment of any disease but for middle class or lower middle class people are suffering badly due to lack of proper treatment.

There are some private hospitals and many small private clinics in Rawalakot but there first priority is money not treatment. Same government doctors are working privately in those clinics and some of them were involved in illegal activities like selling government provided drugs in private medical stores.


Rawalakot has very pleasant climate in summer but very cold in winter. In winter snow falls in the city which increases the beauty of the city and surroundings. Tourists from Azad Kashmir Pakistan rushed to Banjosa lake and Tolipeer to enjoy the snow in the winter. In summer maximum temperature can go up to 38°C in summer and 5°C in winter.

Job Opportunities

States jobs are a major sector for employment; however, a large section of the population is dependent upon remittances from overseas workers who send money to their relatives in Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

Due to lack of opportunities, most citizens of Poonch including Rawalakot are looking for ways to get employment in other countries. Moreover, it is not uncommon for qualified youth from the city to find employment in larger cities like Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar.

Job opportunities are very few for well qualified educated people as there is no industry, no factory, and no national or international level company. Most of the people are in Europe or Middle East to earn livelihood. Instead of doing something educated and non-educated young guys were always planning to go to Middle East or to Europe for jobs. Government must have to look into this serious matter as if all people from Middle East and Europe will return home due to some reasons then a wide range of unemployment will cause distress in the society.


Rawalakot and its surrounding areas have a population of over 500,000. People of Rawalakot has special love towards Pakistan because their forefathers sacrifices their lives to become part of Pakistan and they fought against Indian Army and Dogra Troops to clear the area from Indian Occupation and join Pakistan. The bold People of Rawalakot are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the safety and security of beloved country Pakistan.


Rawalakot city has one of the highest literacy and graduation rates in South Asia. The credit goes to private institutions as government schools participation in education is very low. There is government post graduate college for boys and a separate government post graduate college for girls.

The higher education institution of Rawalakot is the University of Poonch Rawalakot. Moreover there is one medical college named as Poonch Medical College.


Rawalakot city and its surroundings are very peaceful and beautiful but recently many people were murdered by their relatives or friend on very minor issues which is badly affecting the soft image of the society.


Instead of some local newspapers or social media you could not find any news regarding most beautiful city of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Rawalakot in news channels of Pakistan. Pakistani TV hosts / anchors are not inviting Azad Jammu Kashmir politicians in their talk shows. Except Mr. Hamid Mir no TV anchor has knowledge of Jammu & Kashmir. Pakistani TV channels are not showing the barbarism of Indian troops in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

Popular Personalities

  • Ghazi-E-Millat Muhammad Ibrahim Khan (Late) is the most popular person of Rawalakot. He was elected president of AJ&K for four times.
  • X AJ&K president Haji Yaqoob Khan.
  • Current AJ&K president Sardar Masood Khan
  • Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan (President of JKPP and son of Ghazi-E-Millat, MLA Halqa LA 19 Poonch 3).
  • X chief justice of AJ&K Raja Khurshid Kiani.
  • X chairman of Mirpore Board Sagheer Kiani.
  • Owner of The Centaurus Mall Islamabad and Vice President of Tamimi Global Company Saudi Arabia Mohammad Ilyas Khan Chughtaye.
  • Mohammad Sagheer Khan Chughtaye MLA Halqa LA 20 Poonch 4.
  • Rabia Razaque a popular drama writer of various Pakistani TV dramas.
  • Sardar Siab Khalid X speaker of legislative assembly AJ&K.
  • Abid Hussain Abid X Minister.