LiFi technology faster than Wifi

LiFi Technology

Hey buddies, have you heard about LiFi? LiFi technology faster than Wifi. Let’s know what that is.

It stands for Light Fidelity and believed to be the next generation of internet, where light (with some modifications) will be used as a medium to transport data and it’s the same light that we are currently using homes, offices or anywhere else where light is needed.

LiFi technology faster than Wifi

It is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. We are not far away from using our home/office lights to illuminate only but also provide internet connection. As per current information it’s not going to replace Wi-Fi but will work alongside.

Disadvantage of LiFi is, it uses light and light does not penetrate the walls. So, there might be barrier and can’t be used beyond the walls or where there is no light.

It seems you are excitedly waiting for LiFi technology.

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