Imran Khan’s third marriage

Imran Khan’s Third Marriage

Do not believe on false or inappropriate news about Imran Khan’s third marriage. According to internal sources of PTI Imran Khan has proposed Ms. Bushra Manika but Bushra Manika has not accepted the proposal yet. Bushra Manika asked for some time to reply after consulting her children and other family members.

It is absolutely personal life and personal decision of Imran Khan and Bushra Manika whether they are going to marry or not. Media should not interfere in the personal matter of anybody. To get marry is not illegal or not a crime.

Hopefully Ms. Bushra Manika will accept IK’s proposal and they will marry soon.


Imran Khan has accepted that he has married with Ms. Bushra Manika. The Nikah ceremony took place on Sunday, Feb 18, 2018, 9:00PM (Pakistan Standard Time). Bushra Manika has also acknowledged that she has married with Imran Khan. Best of luck to the couple.