How to unfriend Facebook friends without actually unfriending them

How to unfriend Facebook friends without actually unfriending them.

In this article we will discuss how to unfriend Facebook friends without actually unfriending them. In developing countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh many people use social media negatively. So there are many chances of being harassed by someone from your close friends or from your family. That is why you need to be very care full in order to add people in your friend lists at Facebook, twitter or other social media networks. If you added someone in your Facebook friend list but you do not want to see his posts as his posts are too irritating or you do not want him / her to see your future posts.

In this case you have only one option to unfriend him / her but you are always being afraid, what if they come to know that you unfriend them from your friend list. There are alternatives that keep them away without cutting them off altogether. In this way they will be friend in your Facebook friend list, but you treat them as unfriend.

How? I will explain the techniques here.

  1. How to follow someone in Facebook:

  • Open the profile of the friend you want to un-follow.
  • Click in the drop down menu of the icon written Friends.
  • There are several options like unfriend, block and un-follow.
  • Click on un-follow button and that’s it now you will not see his posts in your news feed.
  1. How to add your friends to acquaintances list?

  • Move your mouse pointer over their name or picture. You can do so from your news feed, by visiting their profile and by going to your friend list.
  • A new pop up will appear, hover your mouse over the “friends” button. Again, a new pop up with drop down menu. Click on “Acquaintances” option.
  • If you want to hide a post from such Facebook friends then select the privacy “Friends except Acquaintances” option from drop down menu.
  1. How to Block annoying friends update from your Facebook timeline?

  • Move mouse pointer, parallel to a name in your news feed. You will find down arrow right of it.
  • Click to view a drop down pop up. In this click “I don’t want to see this”. Facebook will remove such update immediately from your news feed to give better experience

If you are still not sure that your information is safe from these people then you can block them so they can never see your posts and can never send you friend request in future.

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