How to change your wifi routers password

Easy steps how to change your Wifi routers password.

Here we will discuss how to change your Wifi routers Password.

Router’s configuration page

Open the configuration page of your router thru a web browser on a computer / mobile connected to the same network then enter the address (like 1992.168.1.1) in the address bar of your browser. If it will accept then enter user name and password.

Reset if failed

If the address is not correct means it is not accepting or not opening your router log in page then press and hold the reset button on your router for at least 30 seconds to return it to default factory settings. Now you can check the default address of the router and write it in the browser

Username and password

Normally default user name is Admin and password is also Admin, it can be different for different routers or different models.

If you changed the user name and password earlier and you remember it then enter it and click on log in button else reset the router and after resetting the default user name is Admin and password is admin or you can check the default user name and default password at router back side in some routers or inside of battery portions in some routers or somewhere else at router.

Explore wireless section

If you are logged in successfully then go to the wireless page of the configuration page. Normally it is the button or tab written as wireless settings / wireless setup or just wireless it varies from model to model. If the wireless settings page has many sections then go to the wireless security page but normally in many routers there is no sub section.

Now change the password

Now you will find a box or button named as password or shared key. In that box you need to enter your new password. You should create strong complex password which should not be identified easily. The strong complex password is minimum eight (8) character long and it is the combination of capital characters, small characters, numeric digits, special character. It should not be just series of numbers or name of place.

Select Security Encryption

Usually there are three types of wireless security encryption are available.

  • WEP
  • WPA
  • WPA2
  • WEP is not good encryption as it can be breached easily.
  • WPA2 is recommended to use as is very strong.
  • In case you could not use WPA2 then WPA is the second best option.

Network name of your router

You should change your router name that everyone near you can see. Your name should not be identifiable.