How to apply for Family Visit Visa for Saudi Arabia

How to apply for Family Visit Visa for Saudi Arabia.

Millions of people from the world are working in Saudi Arabia in different fields of life. Some employees have family status and their families are living with them on permanent family visa. But there are many employees those are living alone without their families because they do not have permanent family visas for their families. Their employer is not giving them status for family visa or their profession in Iqama is not eligible for family visa status. In this case these employees have one option to bring their families on visit visa so they can spent some quality time with their families. Many Pakistani and Indian people bring their families to Saudi Arabia on visit visa.

Here we will discuss the step by step guide to apply for family visit visa from Saudi Arabia and then get it stamped from Saudi Embassy in your home country.

First of all if your profession in Iqama is general labor or driver then you are not eligible for family visit visa.

You can apply for family visit visa for your following family member.




Parents of Your Wife

Your brothers and sisters

If your Iqama profession is allowed to apply for family visit visa then follow below steps and bring your family to visit Saudi Arabia.

Step 1:

Fill out the family visa application from Saudi ministry of foreign affairs website. Your Iqama should be valid and you should have the passport copies of family members you are inviting to visit.

Make sure you fill application correctly because it will be rejected if you made mistakes. It is better you consult with someone who has experience of filling the application.

After filling the application correctly get printout of the application and sign it.

Step 2:

Get your employer authorized signature and company stamp in the application.

Step 3:

Visit the nearest chamber of commerce office and submit your application to them, you will have to pay 30 SR fee for it and after submission they will give you a receipt.

Step 4:

Now your visa application is online, you can check status of your application online by visiting ministry of foreign affairs website. Enter your application number and Iqama number, you will find the status of your application. It will take some days to approve or reject.

Step 5:

If your application has been approved then send following documents to your family for stamping visa from Saudi Embassy.

Your Iqama copy.

Approved Application Copy.

Your Passport Copy.

Step 6:

Your family members whom you are requesting visa have to visit Saudi Embassy or in some countries like Pakistan they have to visit Etimad Centers with following documents.

Original passports of visa applicants

Passport size photos of visa applicants

Approved application copy that you sent them

Your Passport copy

Your Iqama copy

Marriage certificate

Birth certificates for children

After submission of your documents it will take only few days to get visa stamping.

That’s it.

If Rejected:

If your visa request has rejected from ministry of foreign office you can apply again after correcting the rejection reason.

Visit Visa Duration:

Total duration of visit visa is six months. Your visitor cannot stay more than six month. While filling your visit visa application if you have chosen the option of 30 days then you can renew it for five more times up to six months total.

If you have selected the option of 90 days then you can renew it for one more time.

Do not overstay, it is not legal to stay after expiry of your visa. If you will overstay even one day you will have to pay the fine which will be very big amount.