High Blood Pressure in Pregnant Women of Pakistan

High blood pressure in pregnant women of Pakistan

High blood pressure and pregnancy is not always dangerous but sometimes it is very dangerous for the health of mother and baby. There are several possible causes of High blood pressure in pregnant women of Pakistan.

These include:

Lack of knowledge of pregnancy related issues


Failing to stay active when it is required to be active

Always busy in household work

First time pregnancy

A family history of pregnancy related hypertension

Carrying more than one child

Age (over 40)

Use of IVF

Lot of physical activity like bring drinking water very far from the house

No Balance diet

Lack of health facilities

Do not go to routine examinations

Risk factors for high blood pressure during pregnancy

Reduced blood flow to the placenta.

Due to high blood pressure the blood supply to placenta will be reduced which will cause less oxygen to the baby. It can cause slow growth of baby and can also cause premature birth. The rate of premature birth is increasing day by day in Pakistan but people do not know the exact reason of premature births.

Placental abruption.

Due to high blood pressure in pregnant women placenta can be separated from the inner wall of the uterus before delivery which can cause heavy bleeding and can be very dangerous for baby and mother.

Slow growth of baby:

High blood pressure can cause decreased growth of your baby.

Premature delivery.

High blood pressure can cause premature delivery.

Women who had high blood pressure before pregnancy are at higher risk for related complications during pregnancy as compared to those who has normal blood pressure.

Types of pregnancy related blood pressure

Chronic hypertension

If a women has high blood pressure before the pregnancy or it was established before 20 weeks of pregnancy than it is called as chronic hypertension.

Gestational hypertension

High blood pressure after 20 weeks of pregnancy is known as gestational hypertension. Chances of developing preeclampsia are more if someone have gestational hypertension.


Preeclampsia can occur in pregnant women if they have high blood pressure after 20 week of pregnancy. It can damage any organic system of the body and it is the leading cause of premature birth in Pakistan women but due to lack of education most of them

Normal blood pressure during pregnancy

Normal blood pressure is usually close to 120/80mm, what should be your normal pressure during pregnancy. Doctor has to take follow your blood pressure at every clinical visit.

High Blood Pressure Range during pregnancy.

Normally blood pressure readings greater than 140/90 are considered high blood pressure. It is same for pregnant women. If a pregnant woman has a blood pressure of 140/90 or more it will be considered high and it should be treated by doctor.

Low blood pressure during pregnancy

In early pregnancy blood pressure of a women will decrease. The symptoms of low blood pressure in early pregnancy are as under.


Cold Skin

Feeling Weak



Blood pressure medication during pregnancy

Treatment of high blood pressure is very important during pregnancy but you should not take any medicine without consulting doctor. During pregnancy any tablet can cause problem for you and your baby so every time coordinate with your doctor whether you can take medicine or not.