Down fall of Government Educational Sector in Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Down fall of Government Educational Sector in Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Here we will discuss the reasons behind the down fall of Government Educational Sector Azad Jammu Kashmir.

Education is a process of teaching, training and learning especially in school or colleges to improve knowledge and develop skills. .

First word of the Holy Quran was revealed by Allah Almighty to humanity is (read), “IQRA”. It devotes how much importance to the education is given by Allah Almighty.

Holy Prophet Peace be upon him said that I am sent as an “Educator”. The Prophet (PBUH) was bestowed more than six thousand miracles but from all of them the Educator was given the most priority by Him (PBUH).

Teaching is very sacred profession. Teacher should be given the due respect in society. Lot of responsibilities are on the shoulder of a teacher. He should perform his duties honestly and must try his best to come up to the expectation of his nation.

In Azad Jammu and Kashmir Government Educational Institutes are rapidly going to their downfall, whereas private sector of this region is progressing. Unfortunately positive steps could not be taken to restore the situation by the competent authority. So many arguments can be given in this regard, however some of them are as under.

Appointment of unqualified teachers

During the appointment merit is totally ignored unqualified teachers are appointed who cause an irreparable loss to those whom they teach. Education department should be the best of all departments, but at the time of appointment of teacher’s rules and criteria for their selection are not fully followed.

Political Interference

Our political system is very defective that’s why our institutions are not so stable. Such political system has destroyed all institutions. Teachers are appointed on the basis of hush-money and approach. Merit is not followed due to political interference. Thus dishonest, unqualified and unprofessional people are appointed in the sacred department. It would be absurd to expect good performance from these people. It can be said that real educational activities are not seen anywhere in government educational institutions.

Different Syllabuses

Many private educational institutions have been opened. Every private institute has formed its own syllabuses. These syllabuses of private institutions do not come up to the expectations of the nations. They do not fulfill the requirements of the nation. Suppose there are ten syllabuses in our country, it means we are producing ten types of people in the state which is not good for the future of our nation.

Teacher’s Contribution

There is little contribution of the government teachers for their department. Government teachers themselves have no confidence in their own institutions, that’s why they sent their own children to private schools and colleges. There is no check and balance in government sector. High salaries are paid to the teachers irrespective of their performance. Owning to political contacts teachers think that nobody can stop their salary or punish them.

Surprise Visit of Officers

Surprise visit of District Education Officer (DEO) can bring a positive change, but unfortunately our officers are only interested in protocol and TA/DA. At the district level DEO is a competent authority. By utilizing his power he can bring reforms in the institute. His visit can bring revolutionary changes in the situations, but I feel sorry to say that they are given this designation on the basis of political attachment without checking their efficiency and rules of seniority.

Role of Headmaster

The role of headmaster is very important in satisfactory functioning of schools. In Azad Jammu and Kashmir there are a few headmasters, who work up to the mark. I think a head should be appointed only on the basis of performance and fitness. Mere seniority seldom proves very helpful. Until and unless a suitable head is given this post, no good change is possible in Government schools.

Defects in Elementary Board

There are many drawbacks in elementary board. In annual exams teachers who are assigned duties to supervise different centers, do not perform their duty honestly. Papers are not also evaluated properly. Some teachers get these marked by their students and family members. Thus intelligent students suffer and some time they become disappointed and leave their study. Private educational institutes have been excluded from the elementary boards and thus the worst type of discrimination has been created between government institutions and private sectors.

Teaching Method

Modern teaching techniques are not applied properly to make teaching effective. Some traditional and primitive methods are applied, that’s why feedback from the students is not achieved. It is also seen that most of the lesson are taught by the teachers without any preparation Active, learning, techniques which are considered the soul of teaching are not applied in the classroom. The lesson are delivered without any planning. Due to these facts students are not satisfied and as a result they leave government schools and move to the private sectors.

Homework and Assignments

Homework is necessary for the students. It improves all the skills including reading, writing and learning of the students. It is also helpful for the students to learn their lesson. By giving homework, students are forced to keep a contact with their books. Despite importance of homework government teachers do not give homework and if they give they do not check it properly.

Double Standard of the Parents

Government students are step-motherly treated. It is noticed that parents play the role of double standard among their own children. Some of parents send their some children to private school and some to the government school. They do so on the basis of their perception that who is intelligent and who is dull. They provide facilities to the first kind of children and ignore completely the other type. This is a gross injustice on the part of the parents. It is parents duty to treat equally all their children. This attitude develops superiority and inferiority complexes in their own children.

Parents Day

A triangle has three angles and all the three angles are equal. Similarly teachers, parents and students are like a triangle. Their coordination is necessary for the brilliant future of the students. From time to time parent’s day is celebrated in the institution to discuss different factors of educational condition of the students. Whenever this day is celebrated in government sector, parents do not show any interest. From the parent’s side only 2% people join the meeting, whereas in private school more than 100% people from parent’s side participate. It is clear double standard which has undermined the roots of government institutions. As a nation this negative trend should be discouraged. Otherwise the students of poor parents will be deprived of the basic right of education.

Financial Problems

Societies are divided on the basis of financial position. Some people are very rich and some are very poor. Those who are rich, they tried to find a way to spend their money. These people have no awareness about the standard of education. They have only great desire how to show their wealth. So they choose the most expensive educational institutions for their children, where thousands of rupees are spent in the form of fee and other things. It is not good sign for the bright future of new generations. The students of government schools are discouraged because such facilities cannot be provided in the government schools. This factor is also cause of down fall of government institution. When the poor student watch the style, uniform and luxuries of the rich students, they get depressed and stop taking interest in their studies.

Registration of Private School

No doubt government has parameters for the registration of private schools. But so far these parameters could not be followed. Private institutes are registered illegally and corruptly. This illegal act has very badly discouraged the government institutes. Despite government’s clear cut instructions, private schools which exist a few hundred yards away from government school get themselves recommended by the headmasters and ultimately get registered. Usually this is done by using personal contacts and bribing the authorities.

Dishonesty in Teaching

It would by dishonesty if a teacher teaches the students without any preparation. If he is sincere with the future of students, then he will have to perform his duty honestly. It would be also dishonesty if he does not reach the school in time and leave the school in time. In government school some dishonest teachers have deteriorated the future of the students. Dishonest behavior of some people have given irreparable loss to the department. As far as salaries are concerned government teacher take thousands of rupees in shape of salary but their output is almost zero, whereas in private sector teachers take very short salary but they give prominent performance.

Uniform of the Student

Uniform of an institute has its own importance. Private institute select very attractive uniform for their students, whereas government institute have usually an unattractive uniform. Due to difference of uniform the students of government institute suffer from inferiority complex. However in case of uniform government has given freedom to some extent to the headmaster of the schools to choose uniform according to their choice but most of the time parents create obstacle in the fight selection. Under these circumstances only poor students remains in government school and other go to private institutes.

Lack of interaction and Collaborating

Working relationship is the soul of success of any educational institution. In private school all the teaching process is done with interaction and mutual understanding. Due to collaboration a teacher teaches with a spirit demonstrate good result. In government schools this type of interaction is very rare that’s why teachers fail to give good result.

Unnecessary Vacations

In private sector teacher have sufficient time to cover the syllabus and revise it, whereas government schools remained closed for many weeks and months because of vacations. Books are not taught thoroughly due to the shortage of time. That is why students of government school cannot get brilliant position examination.

Admission of the Students

In government institutions every student is given admission without checking his eligibility, whereas in private sector students are selected according to the specific standard of institutes. Due to the selection of genius students private institute are giving shining result.

Refresher Courses

Refresher course are necessary for the teachers to improve their skills according to the need of time, but such courses are not conducted by the government. Students are not taught in the light of modern skills that is why they fed up with the situation and move to private sector.


It is fact that education has great importance. We are living in 21st century. It is the century of computer science and modern skills. Without education the dream of progress cannot be changed into reality. Education is the best weapon to fight against the war of terrorism and ignorance. Unfortunately, education department of Azad Jammu and Kashmir is about to collapse. The factor which are mentioned above are the real causes of its downfall. It needs to be reformed on the larger scale, otherwise our nation will suffer an irredeemable loss.

The steps which are required are expected from the competent authority education department to take for its reformation. If our think tank and policy makers do not take it seriously, then no one can save the sinking boat education. It seems all the doors of education for the poor students are closed. At last I would like to salute the dignity of those teachers who perform their duties honestly.

The article is written by our writer Muhammad Nazeer Kiani who was teacher in Rawalakot Azad Jammu and Kashmir.


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