Driving Safety in Fog and Rain

Driving Safety in Fog and Rain

You need to be very careful when you are driving but you need to be extra careful if you are driving during rain or fog because during heavy rain or fog it is very hard to see the road. Driving safety in fog and rain is the key factor driving safety tests all over the world.

You need to adopt following safety things if you have to drive during rain or fog.

Check following important things before driving.

  • Make sure that the trip is very necessary, if it is not necessary then postponing the trip is advisable. If you are going to the office you can call somebody in the office that you could not come.
  • Try to ride taxi or buss instead of driving by yourself if it is possible.
  • If you could not get taxi or bus and it is required that you must have to drive than check your vehicles tires, mirrors, lights, signal lights and breaks, if any of them is not working properly then cancel your trip.
  • Test the windshield wipers if they are working properly, if windshield wipers are not working then do not drive.

Follow below safety instructions while driving.

Drive Slowly

Drive very slowly (as slow as it is possible) and maintain a constant speed.

Wait for the Fog to clear or rain to stop

If the weather was clear when you started the trip and during the way you find fog or rain then stop at next service station and for the rain to stop or fog to clear.

Switch double indicator on

Instead of switching on your hazards lights on it is best to on your double indicator it will be good for yourself for more visible and also good for the terrific behind you. If hazard lights are on than may be vehicles behind you get confused whether you are stopped or not so can cause accident.

Listen to the outside

As you are driving very slowly you should always listen to the outside environment, just open your windows little due to lack of visibility you can at least listen the sound if any vehicle from your sides.

Keep safe distance

Keep a safe distance from vehicle in front of you, never get to close to the vehicle in front of you because may be car in front of apply break suddenly due to some reason then you could not control your vehicle or maybe you could not stop which will cause an accident.

Stop Changing Lanes

You should not change your lanes unless you must have to change it. Staying in the same lane is the safe habit during rain and fog. Constantly changing your lanes can cause big problem or accident because maybe vehicle behind you could not see you and can hit you.

Stop at nearest service station

If you are driving and do not now where did you reach, which place is this, may be you have crossed your destination point but you do not know. So in this case just slow down and try to stop at nearest service station to find out which place is this then plane driving again.


Use low beam headlights instead of high beam headlights because during fog or heavy rain if you switch on high beam head light then your visibility could be reduced more due to light reflection.

Fog Light

If your vehicle have fog lights then turn them on as they can make your vehicle more visible to others.

Avoid sudden stop at road.

Never stop suddenly on the road it can cause major accident, find a safe place as far from traffic as possible and stop your vehicle there. Turn off your lights and switch on double indicator.