Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

May be you are aware of the term Cloud computing if not you will be aware after reading this article.

Cloud computing means to store and access data and programs from the internet. It means different types of services that are used in internet.

Why cloud computing??

The demand of cloud computing is increase with the increase number of cloud users. In today’s life, everyone wants to access his or her data at anytime and anywhere. If anyone save his data on his personal computer and when he moves from one place to another and if he does not have his computer at that time then he cannot access his own data.

Cloud computing solves this issue by storing the data on cloud and access data at any time. Different companies wants to save organizational data in cloud to access easily

Cloud computing services

Cloud computing services are available in three ways.

1: SaaS

2: PaaS

3: IaaS


Software As a service (Saas):

SaaS provides different software applications for clients. Clients can use the software from the internet without installing it. E.g Human resource applications (HR), Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Platform as a Service (PaaS):

PaaS provides different runtime environment for different applications. E.g Google apps and Windows Azure.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):-

In IaaS cloud vendors deliver computation resources, storage and network as internet-based services. IaaS also provides access to fundamental resources such as physical machines, virtual machines, virtual storage.

Challenges of cloud computing

 Security and Privacy

Although cloud storage is very useful for everyone. But it has some drawbacks, because there is some privacy issue. Users have fear about the leakage of their personal information.

To solve this issue a large amount of research has been conducting in this field.

Performance and Bandwidth Cost:

Businesses can save money on hardware but they have to spend more for the bandwidth. This can be a low cost for smaller applications but can be significantly high for the data-intensive applications. Delivering intensive and complex data over the network requires sufficient bandwidth. Because of this, many businesses are waiting for a reduced cost before switching to the cloud. There should be require a lot of research in these issues.

Written by Our Writer Anam Naseem