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Habits that keep you healthy, fresh and strong

Habits that keep you healthy, fresh and strong.

Here we will discuss some key habits that can keep you healthy, fresh and strong if you follow.

Good Healthy Sleep

A good sleep is essential for your health, it is the key factor of anyone’s health. A normal sleep duration should not be less than 6 hours every night. Good Sleep keep mind and body healthy and fresh, lack of proper sleep is the major cause of mental diseases like depression.

No Smoking / Quit Smoking if you are already smoking.

Smoking is very dangerous for your health, you should not smoke at all and if you are already addicted towards smoking then quit smoking as soon as possible.


Exercise or workout on daily routine basis will keep you healthy and strong, you will burn extra calories and will feel very healthy if you will do exercise daily.

Walking / Running

Walking and running will keep your body relax and it is very helpful to keep your blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol level in control. Daily walking and running is also helpful to reduce your weight.

Eating vegetables and fruits.

Eating of vegetables and fruits will keep you energetic and healthy. Your body always required all types of vitamins. Different types of fruits and vegetables have different vitamins so you should eat all types of fruits and vegetables regularly on routine basis.

Happy relationships

To remain mentally and physically healthy you should maintain good relationship with your family, coworkers and friends.

Do Breakfast regularly

Never miss your breakfast as it is unhealthy habit to miss breakfast. Even If someone is on diet he should not miss breakfast, you can reduce your lunch or you can miss your lunch but to eat healthy breakfast is key factor for your health.

Drink water

To remain healthy and to keep your stomach working properly you should drink lot of water every day. If you will drink less water it can cause your body to be exhausted, you can have depression, hair fall, body pains and some stomach related diseases.

Do not Eat Fast Food

Fast foods are not good for your health, you should stay away from fast food to keep your stomach healthy.

Take bath every day

Taking bath every day is very good habit, it protect you from germs and viruses and keep you fresh and healthy whole day.

Brush Teeth

Brush your teeth after eating food. You should do brush in the morning and then after eating food you should do brush. Teeth’s cleaning after food also helpful for digestive system.

Herbal Tea

To keep your body and mind calm herbal tea is good to drink.


Every day reserve some time for relaxation from 24 hours, in this short time just keep your mind free of everything.


Play some sort of sport to for entertainment and fitness. Sports are good for your mental and physical health.

Go for outdoor outings

Go for long drives or outings at weekends with your family, it will keep your relationships strong and will make you happy.

Tiger Zinda Hai Banned in Pakistan

A bad news for Salman Khan’s Followers in Pakistan is that Tiger zinda hai banned in Pakistan.

According to the news Tiger Zinda Hai a Bollywood movie starrer Salman Khan and Katreena Kaif has been banned in Pakistan.

The sensor board refused to give no objection certificate to distributer in Pakistan. In Tiger Zinda Hai Salman Khan is playing the role of and Indian agency Raw agent and Katreena Kaif is playing the role of ISI agent. It is the sequel of Ek Tha Tiger which was also banned in Pakistan.

As per Pakistani Central Board Authorities the film has contained the material which is against the security agencies so it cannot be broadcasted for the public.

How to apply for Family Visit Visa for Saudi Arabia

How to apply for Family Visit Visa for Saudi Arabia.

Millions of people from the world are working in Saudi Arabia in different fields of life. Some employees have family status and their families are living with them on permanent family visa. But there are many employees those are living alone without their families because they do not have permanent family visas for their families. Their employer is not giving them status for family visa or their profession in Iqama is not eligible for family visa status. In this case these employees have one option to bring their families on visit visa so they can spent some quality time with their families. Many Pakistani and Indian people bring their families to Saudi Arabia on visit visa.

Here we will discuss the step by step guide to apply for family visit visa from Saudi Arabia and then get it stamped from Saudi Embassy in your home country.

First of all if your profession in Iqama is general labor or driver then you are not eligible for family visit visa.

You can apply for family visit visa for your following family member.




Parents of Your Wife

Your brothers and sisters

If your Iqama profession is allowed to apply for family visit visa then follow below steps and bring your family to visit Saudi Arabia.

Step 1:

Fill out the family visa application from Saudi ministry of foreign affairs website. Your Iqama should be valid and you should have the passport copies of family members you are inviting to visit.

Make sure you fill application correctly because it will be rejected if you made mistakes. It is better you consult with someone who has experience of filling the application.

After filling the application correctly get printout of the application and sign it.

Step 2:

Get your employer authorized signature and company stamp in the application.

Step 3:

Visit the nearest chamber of commerce office and submit your application to them, you will have to pay 30 SR fee for it and after submission they will give you a receipt.

Step 4:

Now your visa application is online, you can check status of your application online by visiting ministry of foreign affairs website. Enter your application number and Iqama number, you will find the status of your application. It will take some days to approve or reject.

Step 5:

If your application has been approved then send following documents to your family for stamping visa from Saudi Embassy.

Your Iqama copy.

Approved Application Copy.

Your Passport Copy.

Step 6:

Your family members whom you are requesting visa have to visit Saudi Embassy or in some countries like Pakistan they have to visit Etimad Centers with following documents.

Original passports of visa applicants

Passport size photos of visa applicants

Approved application copy that you sent them

Your Passport copy

Your Iqama copy

Marriage certificate

Birth certificates for children

After submission of your documents it will take only few days to get visa stamping.

That’s it.

If Rejected:

If your visa request has rejected from ministry of foreign office you can apply again after correcting the rejection reason.

Visit Visa Duration:

Total duration of visit visa is six months. Your visitor cannot stay more than six month. While filling your visit visa application if you have chosen the option of 30 days then you can renew it for five more times up to six months total.

If you have selected the option of 90 days then you can renew it for one more time.

Do not overstay, it is not legal to stay after expiry of your visa. If you will overstay even one day you will have to pay the fine which will be very big amount.

Can you guess which mosque is this?

Can you guess which Mosque is this?

If you are considering it as Badshahi Masjid of Lahore, Pakistan. You are mistaken.

Let’s know which masjid is this. You will be amazed to know that this masjid is not Badshahi masjid of Lahore, Pakistan but “This is Jama Masjid of Delhi, India”.

The Jama Masjid of Delhi, India also known as Majid-e-Jahan-Numa built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan on 1656. The Imam of this mosque is called Shahi Imam. The first Imam of this mosque was Syed Abdul Ghafoor Shah Bukhari from Bukhara, Uzbekistan. He was appointed by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Currently Syed Ahmed Bukhari is the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid. The courtyard of this mosque can accommodate more than 25000 persons. The courtyard also has an open water tank to do the ablution. It has three great gates, Baab Abdullah, Baab Shah Jahan and Baab Abdul Ghafoor also known as Gate 1, 2 and 3 respectively. It has two long minarets about 130 feet in height, inside the minarets there are stairs, going to the top.

In British time, they put the soldiers there. They also tried to demolish it to punish the people who were opposing British rule but it could not be done.

The Badshahi masjid of Lahore, Pakistan was built on 1673 by Shah Jahan’s Son Mughal emperor Aurangzeb has the similar architectural plan as Jama Masjid Delhi, India.

You can also enjoy having Pakistani/Afghani food on the hotels/streets near Jama Masjid. There are hotels, cloth shops, crockery market and many beautiful visiting sites that can’t be explained in words.



How to change the dress color in adobe Photoshop

How to change the dress color in adobe Photoshop

Here I will tell you how to change the dress color in adobe Photoshop.

  • First of all open the selected picture in adobe Photoshop.

  • After that select the Magnetic Lasso Tool

  • Now select the required area of dress by moving magnetic lasso tool.

  • After selecting the area go to Image click on Adjustments than click on Hue-Saturation

  • Now window will appear that will look like

  • Move the icon (Hue-Saturation-lightness) for different color effects

  • Same process will perform for the lower body again

  • Now you can see the difference before and after changing the color.

Written by Our Writer Burhan Butt

Some Common Things Between Indian And Pakistani People

Some common things between Indian and Pakistani People

India and Pakistan were same country before August 14, 1947. They were divided in two parts, the areas with Muslim majority were included in Pakistan and the areas with Hindu majority were included in India. Later in 1971 one part of Pakistan separated from Pakistan and become a new country (Bangladesh). Jammu and Kashmir is still a disputed territory between them and both countries have fought many wars over this issue.

The relations of both countries are not very good, politicians of both countries are always bashing each other’s and every time there is a fear of war between these two Atomic Powers.

Despite the fact that both countries are very far from true friendship, People of these two countries (India and Pakistan) have many common things, here we will discuss some of them.

Joint Family System

In India and Pakistan people are staying in a joint family system. Now the trend is little bit changing in cities of both countries but most of the people are still living in joint family. People of both countries prefer to stay with family rather than separately.

Relatives and Guest

Relatives and guests are always coming without any schedule or invitation and are treated with respect and honor.

Not following traffic rules

People of both countries do not bother themselves to follow traffic rules, like to stop at red signals or wearing helmet while driving bike.


Cricket is very popular in both countries, when their team will win they will celebrate more than it should be but if their team lost they start abusing them and will protest against the players. They will start saying that our team has fixed the match otherwise they could win.

Get free with each other in no time

If two person who never met before and don’t know each others are traveling together in a public transport they will become free with each other in no time and ask even family questions during the journey.

Saying Goodbye

When a guest or relative is leaving the whole family come outside to say him goodbye and if anyone is going abroad may be half of village will go the airport or station to say goodbye to him.

Similar Dresses

People of both countries are wearing almost same dresses like Shalwar Qameez, Saree, and Paints Shirts.


First try of educated people from both countries will be to get a government job not to serve the country but to enjoy the easy routine of government jobs, vacations, holidays and other facilities. In both countries government officers or politicians support and favor their relatives and supporters to get jobs and disregard the merit.

Many people from Indian and Pakistan are working in Middle East (Saudi Arabic, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain) to earn livelihood and many people of these two countries are in Europe or America for work visa or residence.

People of both countries are always wishing and trying to go to Europe, America, Canada or Australia. If you will go any country of the world you will definitely find some Indian and Pakistanis residing there.


People of both countries are abusing their politicians but in elections they are electing same politicians again and again.


Politicians of both countries have allegations of corruption. They speak lies with public to get votes.

Mobile Phones

People of India and Pakistan have more mobile phone as compared to other facilities. Some people keep two or three sets of mobile phone simultaneously.

Free Time

In this busy life people of both countries have free time and they are always available to watch any cricket match or join any political gathering.

Spreading Fake News

People of both countries are spreading fake news over WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or other social media mediums without confirming the news or without knowing the impacts of these news on society.

Electronic Media

Electronic media of both countries is popular to create hysteria for any topic or news.

Lack of basic necessities of life

In both countries there is shortage of basic necessities of life for poor people.


Food of both countries is almost, people like same types of food. Indian Hyderabadi Biryani is very popular in Pakistani people and Pakistani Multani Halwa is very popular in Indian People.

Women rights.

People of both countries love their women but not giving them their rights.

PIA and Indian Air

Government Airlines of both countries are not serving passengers properly.

Blockage of road due to VVIP movements.

Everyday roads are being blocked in both countries for VVIP movements. Common people are suffering badly by VVIP movements.

Fights in Talk Shows

Politicians or media anchors of both countries are fighting on National Television while discussing any type.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

May be you are aware of the term Cloud computing if not you will be aware after reading this article.

Cloud computing means to store and access data and programs from the internet. It means different types of services that are used in internet.

Why cloud computing??

The demand of cloud computing is increase with the increase number of cloud users. In today’s life, everyone wants to access his or her data at anytime and anywhere. If anyone save his data on his personal computer and when he moves from one place to another and if he does not have his computer at that time then he cannot access his own data.

Cloud computing solves this issue by storing the data on cloud and access data at any time. Different companies wants to save organizational data in cloud to access easily

Cloud computing services

Cloud computing services are available in three ways.

1: SaaS

2: PaaS

3: IaaS


Software As a service (Saas):

SaaS provides different software applications for clients. Clients can use the software from the internet without installing it. E.g Human resource applications (HR), Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Platform as a Service (PaaS):

PaaS provides different runtime environment for different applications. E.g Google apps and Windows Azure.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):-

In IaaS cloud vendors deliver computation resources, storage and network as internet-based services. IaaS also provides access to fundamental resources such as physical machines, virtual machines, virtual storage.

Challenges of cloud computing

 Security and Privacy

Although cloud storage is very useful for everyone. But it has some drawbacks, because there is some privacy issue. Users have fear about the leakage of their personal information.

To solve this issue a large amount of research has been conducting in this field.

Performance and Bandwidth Cost:

Businesses can save money on hardware but they have to spend more for the bandwidth. This can be a low cost for smaller applications but can be significantly high for the data-intensive applications. Delivering intensive and complex data over the network requires sufficient bandwidth. Because of this, many businesses are waiting for a reduced cost before switching to the cloud. There should be require a lot of research in these issues.

Written by Our Writer Anam Naseem

How to remove text from photos without using stamp tool

How to remove text from photos without using stamp tool

The simplest way to remove text from photos without using stamp tool is as follow.

Step 1:

Open that selected picture in Photoshop:

Step 2:

Select the magic wand tool from the toolbar:

Step 3:

Now click on the each text by holding the shift key.

Step 4:

Now go to select click on modify than go to expand.

Step 5:

The next window that will appear will look like this expand by one pixel and click   ok.

Step 6:

Now by holding shift key press backspace you will get the window like

Here you have to choose the content Aware and click ok

After that your text will b removed and the selected picture will look like as

Step 7:

Now deselect your text using Right key

Finally you will get that the picture without text





Written by Our Writer Burhan Butt

Pakistani Women Dresses Fashion

Pakistani Women Dresses Fashion

Here we will discuss some popular Pakistani women dresses fashion that Pakistani women are wearing.

Traditional Shalwar Qameez

The most popular dress in Pakistani women is Shalwar Qameez (Trousers and Shirts), it is equally popular in India as well. There are many different types of Shalwar Qameez Dresses are available in Market. Many styles are available like long shirts and short trousers, loose trousers and short shirts, very loose shirts and tight trousers.

With Shalwar (Trouser) and Qameez (Shirt) women’s are wearing Dupatas or Scarfs to protect head. In winter Scarfs is mostly used as compared to Dupata to protect from cold. It is very helpful to protect your hairs, ears and nose from dust or sand. Scarf is being used in Pakistan as a Hijab an alternate of Burkha. Besides religious boundaries many women in Pakistan, India and all over the world are wearing Scarf as fashion. There are many colors of Scarf are popular among women of all ages like white, black, blue, green, brown even red.

The color of Shalwar, Qameez and Dopata can be in matching combination (all in same color) or it can be in contrast (Shalwar has different color, Qameez has different color and Scarf or Dopata has different color).

Abaya or Gown

Abaya is Arabic dress in Pakistan it is known as Gown, it is very popular in middle class working women. Most girls and women from conservative or religious families wear Abaya when they go to the market. University girls, female school teachers, female college lecturers, female college girls and women of all ages working in government or private companies preferred to wear Abaya to protect their bodies from male coworkers as it is religious and cultural tradition.

In Muslim countries most Muslim ladies are not going outside without wearing Abaya whether they are going for shopping malls, grocery shops, schools, offices they must have to wear Abaya to go out. In Pakistan there is no restriction on cloths but most ladies feel comfortable in Abaya or Shalwar Qameez as compared to western dress.
The most popular color of Abaya is black but many women especially young girls are wearing different colors and well-designed Abayas.

Western Paint Shirt

It is not a popular dress in Pakistan but very few women from high society are wearing Paint Shirts. In recent years Western paint shirt is becoming popular in college and universities girls of big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The trend of wearing imported Paint Shirts is increasing day by day. Before in Pakistani Dramas and Films females were not wearing Paint shirts but now a days in every Drama Serial or Movie, girls are wearing Paints Shirt or western dresses which is changing the trend in the society and western dresses are gaining popularity in recent periods of times.

Saree / Sari

It is the most popular dress in India but also popular in Pakistan and Bangladesh. In new generation of Pakistan Sari is gaining popularity due to Indian TV shows because in Indian TV shows women are wearing Saree. Saree is very pretty dress and it is fashions of subcontinent since many decades.




Traditional Afghani Burkha

It is little similar to Abaya but in this Burkha women are hiding whole body, head and face with cloth. There are some holes around eyes area to look while walking. This is Afghani or Pashtun Tradition to wear such type of Burkha. It is very popular dress in Afghanistan and as well as in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistani (KPK) and Qbayeli agencies like Khyber, Fata, North Waziristan and South Waziristan. Women are safer from men eyes in this dress as compared to any other dress in the world.

Kashmiri Shawl

This is very popular in whole South Asia including Pakistan. It is like Dupatta but it is big in size and mostly used in winter season. Kashmiri Shawl is getting popularity all over the world like Kashmir Tea.


Written by Zubia Nosheen

How to Deactivate Your Facebook Account From Android Facebook App

How to Deactivate Your Facebook Account From Android Facebook App

Here we will discuss How to Deactivate Your Facebook Account From Android Facebook App and how you can reactivate it again.

Sometimes you are too much busy in your work or family gathering or are little tired from social media and want to become relax.

So you want to get away from Facebook so that nobody can reach you at Facebook or you do not want to see updates from your friends at Facebook then you can deactivate your Facebook account and later you can reactivate it again whenever you want.

Here we will discuss how you can deactivate your Facebook Account by Android Facebook App and how you can reactivate it again.

Step 1:

Open your Android Facebook App and login if you are not already logged in.
Put your email address or phone number and password and then click on Log in button.

Step 2:

After Login click on button at top right corner of your app with three horizontal lines.

Step 3:

Then scroll down and you will see Account Settings, click on Account settings.

Step 4:

You will see following when you will click on Account setting.

Step 5:

Click on General tab, once you will click on General tab you will see following details, Name, Email Address and Phone.
In the last you will see Manage Account. Click there in the arrow.

Step 6:

Once you will click there you will see two options one is Legacy Contact and other is Account – Deactivate.

Step 7:

Click on Deactivate.

Step 8:

It will ask for your password, after entering your password click on Continue.

Step 9:

Then it will show you many options to select the reason why you are deactivating your Facebook account.

Step 10:

After selecting the reason you can click on Deactivate in bottom right corner.

That’s it, your account will be deactivated same time.

How to Reactivate Facebook Account:

You can reactivate your Facebook account anytime by login, just open Facebook APP put your email address or number and Password. Click on Login and that’s it your account has been reactivated.