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Imran Khan’s third marriage

Imran Khan’s Third marriage

Do not believe on false or inappropriate news about Imran Khan’s third marriage. According to internal sources of PTI Imran Khan has proposed Ms. Bushra Manika but Bushra Manika has not accepted the proposal yet. Bushra Manika asked for some time to reply after consulting her children and other family members.

It is absolutely personal life and personal decision of Imran Khan and Bushra Manika whether they are going to marry or not. Media should not interfere in the personal matter of anybody. To get marry is not illegal or not a crime.

Hopefully Ms. Bushra Manika will accept IK’s proposal and they will marry soon.

Down fall of Government Educational Sector in Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Down fall of Government Educational Sector in Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Here we will discuss the reasons behind the down fall of Government Educational Sector Azad Jammu Kashmir.

Education is a process of teaching, training and learning especially in school or colleges to improve knowledge and develop skills. .

First word of the Holy Quran was revealed by Allah Almighty to humanity is (read), “IQRA”. It devotes how much importance to the education is given by Allah Almighty.

Holy Prophet Peace be upon him said that I am sent as an “Educator”. The Prophet (PBUH) was bestowed more than six thousand miracles but from all of them the Educator was given the most priority by Him (PBUH).

Teaching is very sacred profession. Teacher should be given the due respect in society. Lot of responsibilities are on the shoulder of a teacher. He should perform his duties honestly and must try his best to come up to the expectation of his nation.

In Azad Jammu and Kashmir Government Educational Institutes are rapidly going to their downfall, whereas private sector of this region is progressing. Unfortunately positive steps could not be taken to restore the situation by the competent authority. So many arguments can be given in this regard, however some of them are as under.

Appointment of unqualified teachers

During the appointment merit is totally ignored unqualified teachers are appointed who cause an irreparable loss to those whom they teach. Education department should be the best of all departments, but at the time of appointment of teacher’s rules and criteria for their selection are not fully followed.

Political Interference

Our political system is very defective that’s why our institutions are not so stable. Such political system has destroyed all institutions. Teachers are appointed on the basis of hush-money and approach. Merit is not followed due to political interference. Thus dishonest, unqualified and unprofessional people are appointed in the sacred department. It would be absurd to expect good performance from these people. It can be said that real educational activities are not seen anywhere in government educational institutions.

Different Syllabuses

Many private educational institutions have been opened. Every private institute has formed its own syllabuses. These syllabuses of private institutions do not come up to the expectations of the nations. They do not fulfill the requirements of the nation. Suppose there are ten syllabuses in our country, it means we are producing ten types of people in the state which is not good for the future of our nation.

Teacher’s Contribution

There is little contribution of the government teachers for their department. Government teachers themselves have no confidence in their own institutions, that’s why they sent their own children to private schools and colleges. There is no check and balance in government sector. High salaries are paid to the teachers irrespective of their performance. Owning to political contacts teachers think that nobody can stop their salary or punish them.

Surprise Visit of Officers

Surprise visit of District Education Officer (DEO) can bring a positive change, but unfortunately our officers are only interested in protocol and TA/DA. At the district level DEO is a competent authority. By utilizing his power he can bring reforms in the institute. His visit can bring revolutionary changes in the situations, but I feel sorry to say that they are given this designation on the basis of political attachment without checking their efficiency and rules of seniority.

Role of Headmaster

The role of headmaster is very important in satisfactory functioning of schools. In Azad Jammu and Kashmir there are a few headmasters, who work up to the mark. I think a head should be appointed only on the basis of performance and fitness. Mere seniority seldom proves very helpful. Until and unless a suitable head is given this post, no good change is possible in Government schools.

Defects in Elementary Board

There are many drawbacks in elementary board. In annual exams teachers who are assigned duties to supervise different centers, do not perform their duty honestly. Papers are not also evaluated properly. Some teachers get these marked by their students and family members. Thus intelligent students suffer and some time they become disappointed and leave their study. Private educational institutes have been excluded from the elementary boards and thus the worst type of discrimination has been created between government institutions and private sectors.

Teaching Method

Modern teaching techniques are not applied properly to make teaching effective. Some traditional and primitive methods are applied, that’s why feedback from the students is not achieved. It is also seen that most of the lesson are taught by the teachers without any preparation Active, learning, techniques which are considered the soul of teaching are not applied in the classroom. The lesson are delivered without any planning. Due to these facts students are not satisfied and as a result they leave government schools and move to the private sectors.

Homework and Assignments

Homework is necessary for the students. It improves all the skills including reading, writing and learning of the students. It is also helpful for the students to learn their lesson. By giving homework, students are forced to keep a contact with their books. Despite importance of homework government teachers do not give homework and if they give they do not check it properly.

Double Standard of the Parents

Government students are step-motherly treated. It is noticed that parents play the role of double standard among their own children. Some of parents send their some children to private school and some to the government school. They do so on the basis of their perception that who is intelligent and who is dull. They provide facilities to the first kind of children and ignore completely the other type. This is a gross injustice on the part of the parents. It is parents duty to treat equally all their children. This attitude develops superiority and inferiority complexes in their own children.

Parents Day

A triangle has three angles and all the three angles are equal. Similarly teachers, parents and students are like a triangle. Their coordination is necessary for the brilliant future of the students. From time to time parent’s day is celebrated in the institution to discuss different factors of educational condition of the students. Whenever this day is celebrated in government sector, parents do not show any interest. From the parent’s side only 2% people join the meeting, whereas in private school more than 100% people from parent’s side participate. It is clear double standard which has undermined the roots of government institutions. As a nation this negative trend should be discouraged. Otherwise the students of poor parents will be deprived of the basic right of education.

Financial Problems

Societies are divided on the basis of financial position. Some people are very rich and some are very poor. Those who are rich, they tried to find a way to spend their money. These people have no awareness about the standard of education. They have only great desire how to show their wealth. So they choose the most expensive educational institutions for their children, where thousands of rupees are spent in the form of fee and other things. It is not good sign for the bright future of new generations. The students of government schools are discouraged because such facilities cannot be provided in the government schools. This factor is also cause of down fall of government institution. When the poor student watch the style, uniform and luxuries of the rich students, they get depressed and stop taking interest in their studies.

Registration of Private School

No doubt government has parameters for the registration of private schools. But so far these parameters could not be followed. Private institutes are registered illegally and corruptly. This illegal act has very badly discouraged the government institutes. Despite government’s clear cut instructions, private schools which exist a few hundred yards away from government school get themselves recommended by the headmasters and ultimately get registered. Usually this is done by using personal contacts and bribing the authorities.

Dishonesty in Teaching

It would by dishonesty if a teacher teaches the students without any preparation. If he is sincere with the future of students, then he will have to perform his duty honestly. It would be also dishonesty if he does not reach the school in time and leave the school in time. In government school some dishonest teachers have deteriorated the future of the students. Dishonest behavior of some people have given irreparable loss to the department. As far as salaries are concerned government teacher take thousands of rupees in shape of salary but their output is almost zero, whereas in private sector teachers take very short salary but they give prominent performance.

Uniform of the Student

Uniform of an institute has its own importance. Private institute select very attractive uniform for their students, whereas government institute have usually an unattractive uniform. Due to difference of uniform the students of government institute suffer from inferiority complex. However in case of uniform government has given freedom to some extent to the headmaster of the schools to choose uniform according to their choice but most of the time parents create obstacle in the fight selection. Under these circumstances only poor students remains in government school and other go to private institutes.

Lack of interaction and Collaborating

Working relationship is the soul of success of any educational institution. In private school all the teaching process is done with interaction and mutual understanding. Due to collaboration a teacher teaches with a spirit demonstrate good result. In government schools this type of interaction is very rare that’s why teachers fail to give good result.

Unnecessary Vacations

In private sector teacher have sufficient time to cover the syllabus and revise it, whereas government schools remained closed for many weeks and months because of vacations. Books are not taught thoroughly due to the shortage of time. That is why students of government school cannot get brilliant position examination.

Admission of the Students

In government institutions every student is given admission without checking his eligibility, whereas in private sector students are selected according to the specific standard of institutes. Due to the selection of genius students private institute are giving shining result.

Refresher Courses

Refresher course are necessary for the teachers to improve their skills according to the need of time, but such courses are not conducted by the government. Students are not taught in the light of modern skills that is why they fed up with the situation and move to private sector.


It is fact that education has great importance. We are living in 21st century. It is the century of computer science and modern skills. Without education the dream of progress cannot be changed into reality. Education is the best weapon to fight against the war of terrorism and ignorance. Unfortunately, education department of Azad Jammu and Kashmir is about to collapse. The factor which are mentioned above are the real causes of its downfall. It needs to be reformed on the larger scale, otherwise our nation will suffer an irredeemable loss.

The steps which are required are expected from the competent authority education department to take for its reformation. If our think tank and policy makers do not take it seriously, then no one can save the sinking boat education. It seems all the doors of education for the poor students are closed. At last I would like to salute the dignity of those teachers who perform their duties honestly.

The article is written by our writer Muhammad Nazeer Kiani who was teacher in Rawalakot Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

General Muhammad Zia Ul Haq


General Muhammad Zia Ul Haq was the 6th president of Pakistan. He is the longest serving head of state until now. His regime lasted for 11 continue years and ended on August 17, 1988 after a plane Crash in Bahawalpur.

General Muhammad Zia Ul Haq Born in August 12, 1924 Jalandhar (India). He got commission in 1943 in Royal India Military Academy and served in Malaysia, Burma & Indonesia during World War II. After Pakistan’s independence he joined Pakistan army.

In his illustrious military career he served on various command and staff positions having commanded brigade & division before being appointed as Commander strike corps Multan in 1975.

In April 1976 then Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto took the world in surprise when in a highly controversial move, superseded 05 senior most Generals and elevated General Zia as Chief of army staff. He probably wanted somebody to be submissive and loyal to him. Zia Ul Haq’s apparent aversion from politics & interest in Golf tempted Bhutto to choose him him as COAS.

The decision soon proved to be dreadful and horrible when Zia proved himself smarter and cleverer than Bhutto’s imaginations.

As the result of 1977 general elections tension raised between Bhutto and PNA alliance. Political and civil unrest was so intense and no party was in mood to back down from its position.

Pakistan National Alliance accused Z.A. Bhutto of rigging the elections and called elections as engineered and rigged. The tensions kept rising, meetings after meeting were held before reaching a deadlock. Many say that Bhutto and PNA reached a mutual agreement on July 04 but it was Air Marshal ® Asghar Khan who allegedly tumbled down the agreement.

Coup d’etat

This murky law and order situation and political unrest as the result of alleged rigged elections in diced Zia to overthrow Bhutto’s Government and finally on July 05, 1977 Zia Ul Haq toppled the civil Government of ZA Bhutto and enforced a martial law in the country in a bloodless coup. Resulting in the arrest of Mr. Bhutto. Many historians and close personalities of Zia believed that Zia began to plan military Coup soon after his appointment as COAS. Zia was very crafty and sharp. He planned everything very carefully and executed perfectly.

Trial & execution of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s was considered as severe threat to Zia. And in order to deal with this, Bhutto’s trial was announced in the Murder case of Raza Khan Kasoori, father of famous lawyer Ahmed Raza Khan Kasoori.

Special bench of High court was formed to hear the murder case. The trial lasted for 05 months and finally announced “Death Sentence” to former Prime Minister of Pakistan. Country’s top court Upheld High Court’s decision

The controversial trial ended in a serious provocative decision of hanging of one of the most charismatic leader of 3rd World.

The decision sparked anger and fury worldwide especially Muslim world. According to some reports more than 80 thousand requests and appeals were sent to General Zia Ul Haq to halt the execution of Z.A. Bhutto. But Zia not only rejected those pleas but also went on to hang Bhutto on 04th of April, 1979. The decision was highly unpopular and controversial which was internationally condemned. The decision also question marked the independence of judiciary and its embarrassing role in bowing down before a martial law dictator.

Referendum of 1984

In 1984 General Zia conducted a nationwide referendum with the option of being reject or elect as country’s president. Remarkably 95% of people casted their votes in Favor of Zia, allowing him to rule the country for 05 more years.

After becoming Chief Martial Law administrator he started accountability process and continue to scrutinize the politicians who were involved in Malfunction and corruption. Disqualification tribunal was formed and dozens of politicians and Member of Parliament were disqualified from participating in elections. Zia Ul Haq soon gained the powers of president upon the retirement of then president fazal Ellahi Chaudhary in 1978. This move made him most powerful person in the country. Zia was mainly known for bringing Islamization in political and overall country culture.

Proxy war in Afghanistan

Assuming the presidency in 1978 he played a major role in Soviet war in Afghanistan. He was fully supported by Saudi Arabia and United States of America which finally ended up in humiliating defeat & exit of Soviet forces from Afghan soil. General Zia and his ISI Chief Lt. General Hamid Gul fought the biggest proxy war in Afghanistan & are considered to be the chief architects of USSR defeat in Afghanistan.


During general Zia’s regime Pakistan was one of the fastest growing economies of south Asia. According to Pakistan bureau of Statistics he also holds the number 1 slot by achieving the highest GDP growth in country’s history till date. During his 11 years of long tenure he achieved growth of 5.88 which is highest among all military and civilian rulers also.

Nuclear Policy

Throughout Zia’s regime Pakistan continued to develop its secret nuclear program. General Zia on Multiple occasions lied to United States and broke his promised to stop nuclear program. General Zia Promised United States not to produce highly enriched uranium above level of 5%. But he actually was secretly working on it and the progress was at its brisk speed. Zia considered India as biggest threat and Pakistan opted a very aggressive policy towards India during his 11 year term. It was Under General Zia that Pakistan launched their 1st Space Satellite Bader 1.

Cultural Policy

Zia Ul Haq was pure Islamist and his Islamic mind was reflected on various aspects of life. He banned Music videos and western culture on TV. Female hosts and newscasters were ordered to wear proper Dupatta during the programs.


On the morning of August 17, 1988 Zia Ul Haq went to see the demonstrations of US tank Abraham M1 in Bahawalpur in his C-130 Hercules. On his return after the smooth takeoff the plane suddenly crashed in a very suspicious manner raising the serious questions marks on the accident.

The crash proved very costly for Pakistan as the entire military elite onboard was killed. The notables killed in the crash was General Zia, Chairman join Chief of staff General Akhtar Abdul Rahman, his close friend Brigadier Siddique Malik, US ambassador to Pakistan Lewis Arnold Raphael, Herbert Wassom head of US aid mission to Pakistan. Various investigations were carried out to know the precise reasons of the crash but nothing concrete was found. Although US ambassador and some officials were onboard too but many believe US involvement in the sabotage. According to some theories Russian & Israel Agencies could be behind this conspiracy.

Zia Ul Haq’s funeral was one of the biggest in history of the country, according to some reports around 1.8 million people attended the last rituals including head of states and many senior officials. King Fahad Bin Abdul-Aziz declared Zia’s death as great loss to Muslims. Zia’s remains were buried in the premises of Faisal Masjid.


Written by Our Writer Usman Waheed Abbasi


Pakistani Ladies Cloths During Winter

Pakistani ladies cloths during winter

Normally winter is not as tough in Pakistani as it is in Europe or Canada or America. But in some areas is very cold during winter and in some areas like Muree, Azad Kashmir, Nothern Areas of Pakistan winter season is very large and very tough. In northern areas heavy snow is falling from October to April. You could not wear normal summer cloths during winter. Here we will discuss Pakistani ladies cloths during winter season.

Bridle Dresses during winter

Bridal dresses for winter season are same as summer season like bridal shararas, bridal gown, and bridal lehngas. But they should be made off with warm and high quality fabrics for winter season due to low temperature.

Shalwar Qameez

Shalwar Qameez is the most popular dress in women of Pakistan whether is summer season or winter or whatever. Different types of shalwar qameez dresses are included in the fashion of Pakistani women. But during winter the style is little different as you need warm cloth to make shalwar qameez and instead of half sleeves it should be full sleeve to avoid cold air. There should be long dupatta or shawl with shalwar qameez instead of small types of dupattas being used during summer.


This cloth is warm like blanket. With this cloth many designs of dresses can be made. Women are preferring it because it is warmer than any other cloth. If you are wearing wool you do not need to wear sweater or jacket. Dresses of wool cloth are enough to protect you from cold.


It is also very warm but more attractive. Its colors are bright, shining and beautiful, it is very popular in young girls during winter. All types of design can be made by this cloth.


It is hand made by women of Pakistan by using threads. Shirt and trousers of Jarsi are very popular in young girls. Sweaters made of Jarsi are also very popular.

Pajama with log shirt

It is popular in young girls because long shirts are helpful to avoid cold air. But stuff should be warm not like summer season. In every season different types of stuffs are available in market, it is up to the customer whether she want to purchase the warm cloth to avoid cold or purchase normal cloth and then have to purchase extra sweater or jacket.

Kapri with Kurta

Warm Kapri with Kurta is also popular in young girls. If Kapri is warm then it is good to remain safe from cold.

Apart from above mentioned dresses during winter women are preferring to wear jackets, sweaters and wearing warm shawls to keep themselves away from danger of sickness due to low temperature.


Written by Zubia Nosheen

LiFi technology faster than Wifi

LiFi Technology

Hey buddies, have you heard about LiFi? LiFi technology faster than Wifi. Let’s know what that is.

It stands for Light Fidelity and believed to be the next generation of internet, where light (with some modifications) will be used as a medium to transport data and it’s the same light that we are currently using homes, offices or anywhere else where light is needed.

LiFi technology faster than Wifi

It is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. We are not far away from using our home/office lights to illuminate only but also provide internet connection. As per current information it’s not going to replace Wi-Fi but will work alongside.

Disadvantage of LiFi is, it uses light and light does not penetrate the walls. So, there might be barrier and can’t be used beyond the walls or where there is no light.

It seems you are excitedly waiting for LiFi technology.

Also read how to change Wifi Routers Password.

Pakistan Tour of New Zeeland

Pakistan Tour of New Zeeland

Schedule of Matches  

Date Time Match
January 6, 2018 11:00 Local, 22:00 GMT 1st ODI, PAK VS NZ
January 9, 2018 11:00 Local, 22:00 GMT 2nd ODI, PAK VS NZ
January 13, 2018 11:00 Local, 22:00 GMT 3rd ODI, PAK VS NZ
January 16, 2018 14:00 Local, 01:00 GMT 4rth ODI, PAK VS NZ
January 19, 2018 11:00 Local, 22:00 GMT 5th ODI, PAK VS NZ
January 22, 2018 16:00 Local, 03:00 GMT 1st T20I, PAK VS NZ
January 25, 2018 19:00 Local, 06:00 GMT 2nd T20I, PAK VS NZ


Greatest Fast Bowlers of the World

Greatest fast bowlers of the world

Cricket is very popular game all over the world. Cricketers are known as bowlers / batsmen or all-rounders (who is good in both bowling and bating). Here we will discuss some of the best fast bowlers of the world.

Wasim Akram

Pakistani people have craze of cricket due to fast bowlers like him. Wasim Akram was very intelligent fast bowler and one of the greatest fast bowler of the world he belongs to Pakistan and played many years for his country. He served as a captain of Pakistani cricket team and during his captaincy Pakistan reached in the final of 1999 world cup. He took 414 wickets in test matches and took 502 wickets in one day international matches. His name was included in ICC Hall of Fame in September 2009.

 Dennis Lillie

He was Australian fast bowler. Dennis took 355 wickets in 70 test matches. Lillie also took 113 wickets in one day international matches. His name was included in ICC Hall of Fame in December 2009. Richard Hadlee

Richard Hadlee was fast bowler from New Zealand and also he was good in bating. He was very cool and calm person. He took 431 wickets in 86 test matches and took 158 wickets in 115 one day international matches. His name was included in ICC Hall of Fame in April 2009.  

Malcolm Marshall

Malcolm Marshal was very popular bowler from West Indies. He was popular for his short height and swing. Marshal took 157 wickets in 136 one day international matches and took 376 wickets in 81 test matches. Malcolm Marshal was died in 1999 due to cancer. He was one of best fast bowlers of the world.Glenn McGrath

He was one of the finest bowlers of all time from Australia. If you consider the line and length then McGrath was all the time best bowler in history of cricket. He took 563 test wickets in only 124 matches. McGrath took 381 ODI wickets in 250 ODI matches. Glenn McGrath was very economical bowler. He does not allow batsmen to score freely. It was very difficult to hit four and sixes to Glenn McGrath. His name was included in ICC Hall of Fame in December 2012. He was one of the greatest fast bowler of the world. Curtly Ambrose

Curtly Ambrose is one of the tallest cricketers of all time. He was 6 feet 7 inches tall and he could release the ball from the height of 10feet. He took 225 wickets in his 176 one day international matches and took 405 wickets in just 98 test matches. Ambrose was popular for his lethal pace, bounce, and swing. Curtly took 7 wickets for only 1 run against Australia in one match. Waqar Younis

Waqar Younis was also known as Burewala Express. He has the best strike rate of any bowler who took over 200 wickets in test matches. Waqar took almost 800 total international wickets with an average of under 24 in both formats (Tests and ODIs). He took 416 wickets in one day internationally and 373 test cricket. He was one of the greatest fast bowler of all time in cricket history. His name was included in ICC Hall of Fame in December 2013. The duo of Wasim and Waqar commonly known as “two Ws” . He also served as a captain of Pakistan Cricket Team and after retirement he was appointed coach of Pakistan Cricket Team. Shoib Akhtar

He is former Pakistani fast bowler. Shoib was the fastest bowler in the history of cricket as he bowled the fastest delivery of 161.3km/h. Akhtar is popular for his aggressive behavior. He played 46 test matches and took 178 wickets with the average of 25.69, in ODI he took 247 wickets in just 163 matches with the average of 24.97. Shoib played only 15 T20 and took 19 wickets with average of 22.73. His carrier was full of different scandals and he had very bad relationship with Pakistan Cricket Board otherwise his stats would by been extremely different. He was one of the greatest fast bowlers of the world

Dale Steyn

He is from South Africa. Out of all the bowlers that I mentioned today, Dale Steyn is the only one currently playing cricket. He took 417 test wickets in just 85 matches and took 180 wickets in 116 one day matches and he is still going. Currently he is one of the greatest fast bowlers of the world.


Written by Our Writer Usman Waheed Abbasi


Tips to avoid disadvantages of technology

Tips to avoid disadvantages of technology

Technology has progressed too much during this decade, no one can live without using latest products. Latest technology has completely changed the lives of human being but despite the countless advantages of technology, it has also some disadvantages. If you will not use many products or tools with properly then your health will be affected. You need to be very careful regarding your health and should follow safety tips to remain healthy. Here I will write some advices which are helpful to avoid stress and keep you away from the disadvantages of latest technology. Read these tips to avoid disadvantages of technology.

Do not add or follow unknown people at social media

If you will use social media to connect with your family and friends then you will be happy when you will see their uploaded pictures or posts but if you have added or followed unknown people it can give you stress because may be they will upload the stuff you do not like. Moreover it is not good idea to consume your valued time while reading posts from unknown people. Adding or following unknown persons is also not good for your security and safety.

Avoid excessive use of mobile, computer or TV

The good is that you should assign some time for using mobiles, computer or TV except for your business work. The rays of electric devices are not good for human health and during your office hours you are using mobiles and computers as it is required. So if after working hours you will continue to make yourself busy with computers, TV or mobiles then your health will be affected badly. So you need to assign time for these activities. If during your work you have to stay in front of computer then also it is advised to go out for 5 to 10 minutes after every two, three hours to get fresh air.

Keep your devices and antivirus updated

If you want that your phone, tablet, laptop or computer should function properly then keep on the software or application updates which will keep your device up to date and also always update your antivirus. The updated devices with updated version of antivirus have less chances of virus attacks as compared to not updated device.

Good Screen for Reading

If you have to read a long story, long email or long quotations or proposals then avoid to read it at small mobile screen. Good habit is to read it at laptop, computer or tab instead of small screens of mobile. Your eyesight will be affected if you read large stories on small mobile screens on daily basis.

Change password frequently

You should keep your password strong and different for different devices and websites. To avoid password theft or hacking you should change your password at least after every six months on all your social media accounts or on your devices.

Do not share your login information

You should not share your passwords or user names of your social media account with anyone. Sometimes people share their user names and passwords with others to get help in some matters which is not a good habit at all. Your user name and password can be used for illegal purposes without your knowledge.

Do not share or react to fake news

People are sharing fake news on social media against their opponents or to fulfill their tasks. You should not share or react to anything without confirmation.

Do not abuse

Never abuse anyone at social media as your many friends and family members are watching and reading your posts. If you abuse someone then your reputation will be badly affected between your family and friends.

Never sell your personal mobile, tab, laptop or computer

You should not sell your personal mobile phone, tab, laptop or computer without completely deleting your data from the hard disks. If you are not sure that your data is deleted or you have doubt that new user who bought your device can get back your deleted data with some tools then do not sell your device. Instead of selling you can give your device to someone within your family.

Popular Indoor and Outdoor Games in Children of Pakistan, India and other South Asian Countries

Popular Indoor and Outdoor Games in Children of Pakistan, India and other South Asian Countries

Now a days children of all ages like to play video games, watching cartoons at TVs or playing games on mobiles, computers or laptops. But twenty years before the situation was different all over the world, especially in developing countries like India and Pakistan, many games were popular in the children and as well as in adults. Here we will discuss the popular Indoor and Outdoor Games in Children of Pakistan, India and other South Asian Countries

Few years back children of developing countries like India and Pakistan had no pocket money so they can buy some sport items like Footballs or cricket bat so they prefer to play games in which they do not need to buy anything from the market.

Here we will discuss some popular sports / games of South Asian countries India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal and Jammu & Kashmir of both sides (Indian side and Pakistani side).

Gilli Danda

It was very popular in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Afghanistan just twenty years before. Still it is being played in many villages of India and Pakistan. It has different names in different local languages like Guli Danda, Itti Danda, Gitti Danda etc. In this game you do not need to buy anything from the market. Just you need one wooden stick known as danda and small piece of wood know as gilli. In this game player has to hit the gilli by danda to send gilli as far as possible then opponents have to run to the gilli and they have to throw it back from there. Every area has their own rules and own ways to play this game.

Pittu Garam

It is typically a traditional South Asian game which is very popular among children of India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries. In this game you should have a ball like tennis ball or plastic ball and seven small pieces of stones. In this game player hit the tower of those seven stones by ball and then he has to rebuild that tower of stones before getting hit by the opponent player by the same ball. If he has been hit by the opponent with ball then he is out and now it is turn of other player or team but if he has succeeded to rebuild the tower then it will be his score and he will get chances to score more until he is getting out. This is very interesting game even adults of villages of India and Pakistan like to play it.

Running, Catching / Doro Pokri / Nasso Pokri

This is also very popular game in children of India and Pakistan. In Punjab and Kashmir it is known as Doro Pori / Nasso Pori. It can be played between two individuals or two teams. In this game one player has to run and then he has to reach back to exactly same point where he started is running. If he has been caught by the opponents he is out else he has another turn.

Panj Geetay

It is was very popular in the women and girls of Indian and Pakistani Punjab and Kashmir.  It was being played by 5 small round shapes stones.

Kanchay / Bantay / Glass Balls Game

It is still very popular among children of India and Pakistan. It has many methods to play like you can play it by fingers or just by throwing from hand. Small glass balls are very attractive for children and they like them too much.


Matti K Gar

It was also popular game or habit of children of India and Pakistan. They made small houses and other with mud and then who has made the beautiful one is the winner of the game.

Chupan Chupai / Chappo Luki

It was also very popular game in India, Pakistan and other South Asian Countries. In this game one team or one team member has to hide himself and opponent has to find him. If they are failed to find him in certain period of time then they are lost means they have given one point to him or his team. He will continue until he is being find. If he is being searched then it is other team’s turn to hide themselves and so on.


Many other games were played in past and also being played in villages and small towns of India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries but now technology has been advanced and children like to play games on mobile, laptops or computers and if they have to play outdoor games then Footballs, Volleyballs or Cricket bat or balls are easily available for them so they are not interested in old traditional games.

Popularity of cricket in India and Pakistan

Popularity of cricket in India and Pakistan

Have you ever think why cricket is popular in only ten countries out of around 200 countries of the world? And do you know the reasons of popularity of cricket in India and Pakistan?

If you think a little you will understand the real reason behind it. Cricket was invented by British people, they start playing cricket in UK as still cricket is the national sport of England.

Australia, New Zeeland, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and all states of Wes Indies were British colonies before their independence. When British people and British Army personnel starts playing cricket local people of these countries were impressed by this game. As they were slave of British so they think that this game is very good as their rulers are playing it.

Some people starts playing this game to keep their bosses happy and some play this game to show them that they are talented and can play it. There were many other British colonies in Europe and other parts of the world. But they did not give importance to this game as other games like Football and Hockey were already very popular games there. Cricket looks time consuming game for them.

At that time there were no ODI or T20 matches, only test cricket was played during that time which consists of five days and even sometime after five days there is no win or loss for any time.

Countries like, Australia, New Zeeland, South Africa, West Indies are also playing other games and have good reputation in Olympics or Football or other sport but India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have very less participation on other games like Olympics and almost zero participation in Football.

The main focus of South Asian countries specially Indian and Pakistan is cricket. Indian and Pakistan never qualified for Football world cup and have very bad record in all Olympics, their participation in Olympic Games is very less. These two countries were good in Hockey twenty years before but now Hockey is losing popularity. Now the only popular game is cricket in India and Pakistan, people are mad for this sport.

If you ask any child from Indian or Pakistan that what is your favorite sport his answer will be cricket. People of India and Pakistan have great affection towards cricket. Stadium are always full with audience for all type matches, tickets sold out many days prior to match. Like Football is popular all over the world and fans of Football are very crazy for this sport, cricket has same popularity in India and Pakistan. Fans of cricket in India and Pakistan can do anything for this sport.

Especially if the match is between India and Pakistan then the winning team will get immense congratulation from its fans. Players will receive many gifts from organizations and individuals but the losing side will have to face huge criticism from media and fans. Fans protests against players and wants them to be punished for just losing a game. Match between India and Pakistan is considered war rather than a game by people of both countries.

Cricket is being played in schools, colleges, universities, streets, villages and everywhere in India and Pakistan. It is equally popular among children, adults and old citizen of these two countries.

Cricket is not a popular game in Middle East like UAE or Saudi Arabia. As many Indian and Pakistani people are residing in these two countries so they are playing crickets during weekends and free times in these two countries as well. In UAE cricket is getting immense popularity just because of the interest of their government, Pakistani and Indian people.

Cricket is popular game for people of these two countries whether they are staying in India, Pakistan or any other country of the world. People have craze of cricket in Pakistan and India.

It is very good sign that this game has many crazy fans and hug popularity in India and Pakistan. But it’s negative impact is that other sports are dying day by day in these two countries.