Beautiful Places of Pakistan You must have to visit

Beautiful Places of Pakistan

Pakistan has many beautiful places, here we will discuss some of the most beautiful places of Pakistan you must have to visit at least once.

Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir

It is located at the north of Azad Jammu and Kashmir’s capital Muzaffarabad. It is known as Neelum Valley in English literally we can call it Blue Gem Valley. The name shows that the mountains of Neelum Valley are very blue and attractive. You can call it the most beautiful valley of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. It has fresh water, lush green fields, blue green mountains, river and forests.

Tolipeer Azad Kashmir

It is a mountain around 30 KM away from Rawalakot Azad Kashmir. It is the most beautiful place of Poonch Division Azad Jammu and Kashmir. At the top of the mountain the grass is looking like the carpet which is beyond your imagination. You could not believe that such type of beautiful carpeted grass is natural there at so top level of the sea but it is 100% natural. You need to visit is in the summer season because in winter it is very cold there due to snow fall.

Banjoosa Lake Rawalakot Azad Kashmir

It is around 25 Kilometer away from Rawalakot city. It is the most beautiful lake of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The lake is surrounded by beautiful trees and mountains. The lake is popular for its cold weather during summer and for its fresh water.


Ganga Choti Azad Kashmir

It is the most beautiful place of district Bagh Azad Jammu and Kashmir. It is a mountain around 40 Kilimoter away from Bagh city, it is little remote as to reach to the top of the mountain you have to walk because road is not available but from the top you can see mountains of Indian held Kashmir. The top of the mountain is very plane like field and beautiful grass is always present there. Like Tolipeer you can visit is during summer because in winter almost always there is snow.

Naltar valley Gilit Baltistan

Naltar valley is around 2.5 hours’ drive from Gilgit, this beautiful valley is popular for the cultivation of potatoes. It is covered with pine trees and very beautiful. It is the most beautiful valley of Gilgit.

Shangrila Skardu

Skardu is the central valley of Gilgit Baltistan. Shangrila is like a paradise on earth, it is the most famous spot of Skardu for toursits.



It is near to the China border, it is around 15, 397 feet above the sea level. It is covered with snow almost all year. The Karakoram Highway is connecting Pakistan and China thru Khunjerab Valley.


Hunza Valley, Baltit Fort, Ultar Valley

Hunza Valley is around three hours’ drive from Gilgit. It is very beautiful, well organized and managed place. It has a very nice sewerage system. Almost 300 years old Baltit Fort is also there for visitors. Ultar valley is just four hours walking distance from Hunza. Ultar is surrounded by glaciers.

The Hunza Valley is popular for Prince Agha Khan who sometimes visit the valley and has contributed well for the development of the valley. The Hunza Valley has the helipad as well.


The queen of moutains Muree is very beautiful and very popular tourists place Muree is part of Punjab province and is around one hour drive from Rawalpindi Islamabad. I hope all of my readers from Pakistan have already been visited this tourist place but if you have not visited yet then visit it because it is very beautiful place as well as very developed tourists point Pakistan.

Nathia Gali

It is part of Khayber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan but it is just one hour drive from Muree. It is also very beautiful and well developed tourists point.



Kirthar is a border betwean Balochistan and Sindh. It is very beautiful area but it has also very rich history. It is ideal tourists point for visitors because it has many historical places.


Kaghan Valley, Naran Valley – Saiful Molook Lake

Kaghan Naran is the most beautiful place of Khayber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Province of Pakistan. It is very popular among Pakistani and international tourists. The beauty of overall area could not be expressed in words.

The Lake Saiful Molook is the most beautiful lake of Pakistan, when you see it you will think you are in a paradise.

Kaghan Valley, Naran Valley and Saiful Molook Lake are most visited places by tourists of Pakistan and very popular among the tourists, there are many beautiful palaces for visits in these valley.